Choosing Aluminium For UTEs: Three Reasons Why

UTEs are more adaptable, offer increased loading capacity, and can make work much more straightforward when it comes to storage racks. The platter can be modified to match your specific demands, no matter what kind of work you conduct. Trays get used to transport items such as equipment, crates, and tools. Side rails that can get removed make haulage easier.  Many work-related car improvements are eligible. An aluminium tray is one of the practical solutions considering extra protection. Construction tools, furniture, and other heavy goods can all be carried on aluminium UTE trays. Utes with bespoke trays are among the most popular on the market, and they will almost certainly sell for more money.

Aluminium Vs Steel

According to a recent survey, Australia dominates the global haul truck usage. When it comes to choosing ute trays, you will find two significant leaders: steel and aluminium. So, here is comparing the two and concluding why aluminium is the clear winner! Aluminium is a ductile metal that is versatile, lightweight, and durable. Because it operates productively in a wide range of settings, it is frequently selected above other metals for diverse applications. Aluminium, unlike steel, is non-corrosive by nature.

Aluminium’s natural resistance to corrosion and rust is a significant advantage. Unlike steel, aluminium has a coating of aluminium oxide that protects it from air and oxygen exposure. Steel is heavier than aluminium because it is sturdier and more durable. Steel is around 250 times denser than aluminium, making it significantly heavier.

Perks of Aluminium UTE trays

Steel trays were once thought to be preferable to aluminium trays due to various their strength. That’s because steel is inherently incredibly robust, and welding it into a durable tray is relatively simple. Early models of aluminium ute trays were also known for being poorly built and using inexpensive nuts and screws as fastening, resulting in some negative experiences. Here is a list of ways aluminium ute trays benefit over other metal choices,

1. Better load capacity

The majority of the advantages of aluminium revolve around weight. When it comes to ute trays, it’s crucial to choose the lightest choice feasible to maximise your cargo capacity. Your car will only be certified for a particular amount of cargo. You could invest more from this weight restriction on the stuff you choose to carry instead of the tray itself if you choose an aluminium tray versus a steel one.

An aluminium tray may indeed be tailored to meet your specific needs. In addition, the tray stack style is remarkably adaptable, with bespoke design options to meet your particular business requirements. These trays will turn your vehicle or trailer into a customised commercial transport vehicle.

2. Long life, zero corrosion

Aluminium is not only light and robust, but it also has high corrosion resistance and rust. This indicates that high aluminium trays will keep their appearance as long as you take care of them. As previously stated, aluminium is entirely corrosion-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about rust with just an aluminium ute tray. Steel plates can get galvanised or coated to provide the same level of protection, but that safety gets reduced if the paints or Galvan layer is scratched.

3. A safe and resilient option

Steel’s magnetic characteristics could make it dangerous in some work environments. If your job needs you to transport combustion byproducts or chemicals, aluminium is a better choice. Work settings benefit from custom-designed aluminium trays. They’re more adaptable, have a higher maximum load, and make your job easier. Whatever you should be doing with your pickup truck, the tray’s appropriateness for every work situation will come in handy.

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