Choose the Best Car for the Summer Months 

The summer and the winter demand different things from our cars. For many people, the deeper they get into the winter, the less often they will head out. Instead, opting for home deliveries, bulk shopping, and staying cozy in the house. However, the summer months are often busy with adventure and road trips.

Here are a couple of the very best cars for a range of different summertime adventures.

What makes a good summer vehicle?

The first factor for the best summer car is what you will do with it. Are you a large family who will be having a lot of seaside trips? Or you are a couple or a single who likes to take a lot of late evening drives on long empty roads.

You’ll think about comfort, style, seats, trunk space, and gas efficiency.

A convertible is a perfect option if you want to travel in style with fewer people. You can pick up older models for a reasonable amount. SUVs or hybrid SUVs are very popular for families with three or more children who need enough space for bags and other things. They also come with the bonus of being highly reliable and safe.

If you have a budget to blow, you might be more interested in a muscle car or something with a little more speed than your average coupe.

Trunk space

Swimming costumes, sports kits, school bags, space for spare shoes, the dog bed, and more will be needed if you have a larger family. With the increase in family road trips, trunk space is one of the most important features.

Ahead of looking at any car, get all the things you’d put in the boot together and see how much space you need. Remember that you shouldn’t be packing extra bags in the footwells where people are sitting.


Road surfaces get incredibly hot in the peak of summer, and while the car you choose might not have the best tires, you can replace them with some BF Goodrich tires.

Any car you choose needs summer tires to maintain a high level of braking, control, responsiveness, and improved comfort. Remember that summer tires shouldn’t be used in winter conditions, and three-season tires are ‘okay’ across all seasons.

Choosing the right summer car means thinking about what you like to do in the summer, where you like to go, who will be in the car the most, and how much use you will use the car in the winter.


Is it only you all the time? Do you have a partner but rarely, if ever, give other people a lift or have more than two people in the car? You are likely better off with a convertible or a smaller sports car. While some convertibles have extra seats in the back, they aren’t usually suitable for anyone above 5 feet tall.


Older car models often don’t have air-con, and what that means is you are at the mercy of rolling down windows in order for you to get some air in the car and cool down. And, if you’ve ever been in the back of a hot car, even with the windows rolled down – you’ll know how sticky and uncomfortable it can be.

Make Air-co a nonnegotiable no matter what make or model of the car you want to buy. Although if you have your heart set on a classic, you will find that rolling your windows down is the only option.

You might prefer dual-climate as an alternative to air-co, which keeps the entire car at one temperature. Drivers usually prefer a slightly cooler temperature than the other people in the car because it can help them stay more alert. A dual climate in the summer months is ideal for those who need it warmer or cold than the driver.

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