China is world’s most important country regarding wholesale and trade. China is providing its goods throughout the world . Strong and powerful magnets for industrial and technical uses are one of them

Magnet in china

There is a great variety of magnets that are originally manufactured in china

Where to get bulk magnets in china?

AO magnet electronic is a reputable Chinese firm which provides a wide range of permanent

Magnets and assemblies of magnets. AO magnets has been serving the market for 19 years.

We sell different magnets with a patent license

What type of magnets do AO magnet Sells?

Their range includes

  • Bonded NdFeB magnets
  • High grade centered NdFeB magnets
  • Dry pressing anisotropic sintered ferrite
  • Alnico magnets
  • Neodymium magnet
  • ferrite magnets
  • Smco magnets with complex shapes

Use of Magnets

Our magnets are used in a number of industries. These include car, motorbike, magnetic therapy, office automation, electrical appliances etc.

Our magnets are used for the advancement of science, innovation, engineering, and industry We specialize in high-quality neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets. Our neodymium magnets are built using the most modern magnetic materials available. We only sell fresh rare earth magnets that have been manufactured under license to the highest specifications.


AO magnet electronic is certified ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO / TS 16949

Which is the best place to get bulk magnets from China?

AO magnet is one of the best wholesalers for magnets in China

Why to choose AOMAG?

Following are the reasons that you should buy your custom magnet bulk amount from AOMAG in China.

  • Up to Date Technology

AOMAG keeps updating its magnetic Technology

  • Quality problem solving

Best engineers from China make your problem solved

  • Cheap Inventory Management

AOMAG provide timely delivery which allows you to manage this talk easily and with less cost

  • Reasonable price

AOMAG provide you best quality for custom bulk magnets in most reasonable price.

  • Consultancy

AOMAG understand your needs and help you solve your problems because we act as a consultant for your magnet needs rather than just a manufacturer

  • High Quality Magnets

the magnets they provide are highly consistent in their magnetic qualities and properties these magnets are suitable for every kind of use

We never cut corners on quality, and all of our goods are efficiency tested on a computer-controlled tensile and compression equipment. The system precisely measures the weight that a magnet can retain when pushed vertically, as well as the amount of pull that a magnet can generate when there is a gap or non-magnetic substance between the magnet and the substance to be attracted. Using the most advanced technologies, We make certain that our clients always receive the appropriate magnet for their application.

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