Can Men Wear Earrings?

More men wear earrings today than in the last decade. Like any accessory that is being worn by human beings, men think that wearing earrings makes them stylish, while also enhancing their personality. Modern civilization has made choosing fashion a personal choice, unlike several decades ago where cultural considerations could prevent some people from wearing certain accessories. These days, what people are more concerned about is the quality of the earring that you are wearing and what it’s made of. How it looks and also the style are some of the key things that people are preoccupied with. This is why it’s now easier to find a man who is donning an earring.

Why do men wear earrings?

1. Fashionable trend

Men who have a deep love for the latest fashions, and who would love to stay outdoors use earrings most of the time. More men are going this route, as they are pushed mostly by advertisements in the media, and by the availability of high-quality earrings that are specifically made for them. When combined with genuine leather wallets, the style, and the overall look speak volumes. People will admire you and will want to look just like you. Men feel inner proud when they put on earrings with their latest fashion items that suit their tastes and preferences. This is a gesture that shows that a man is up to date.

2. Symbol of status

Earrings that are made from gold, silver, and diamonds are rare and cannot be found easily. Their price is also not within the reach of many people. This means that anyone who wears it is in a position to afford the world’s best luxury accessory. High net worth persons buy high-end earrings not only for decoration and enhancing their style but also as an investment. When they are financially pressed, these men use their highly valued jewelry to get financial help, knowing that their price will always be going up. It’s hard to find a gold chain that loses value over time, and this is why it’s a common investment channel among the rich.

3. Sign of rebellion

Some men believe that wearing earrings makes them rebellious. This is a belief that starts right from childhood since young bots believe that by being dramatic, they can be able to hit back at their parents and make them angry. Many pieces of research have shown that a vast majority of men who wear studs had their ears pierced while in high school because of personal reasons or due to peer pressure. Many men feel liberated when they conduct themselves in a manner that is not expected by society.

4. To impress ladies

Many men believe that they can attract ladies when they wear earrings. They think that they have an upper hand to go out with them and propose a date or something like that. They believe that earrings improve their sex appeal, and make them attractive to ladies.

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