Benefits of Running on Alter G Treadmills

If you are searching for a way to perfect your running form or log a faster mile, then we may be of service to you. Many anti-gravity treadmills can help athletes recover fast from their injuries and meet their fitness goals.

“Alter G is the solution to many athletes’ problems. It gives people with different conditions the ability to walk and run without carrying their entire weight,” said the Regional Director of Rehabilitation Services of Mercy Health, Michael A. McCormack Jr., ATC, SCS, MHS, PT. “It slows down the effect on the patients’ body, so they will have the ability to exercise safely, train smarter, and rehab better.”

Alter G treadmills have an inflatable air chamber. This air chamber envelops the patient’s lower body and gently lifts the athlete away from the treadmill to get a body eight that ranges between 20% – 99% of the actual weight of the user. This reduces the impact on the joints and exoskeletons muscles.

This means that if your weight is 200 pounds and you utilize Alter G treadmills, placing the setting at 20%, you will be able to run if your weight is reduced to 40 pounds. Those who wish to experience taking off 20 pounds will be like, can utilize the 90% setting to exercise at 180 pounds.

This Alter G anti-gravity treadmill gives injured athletes the chance to continue their training without much hassle. This treadmill is one of the best rehabilitation tools for most post-operative athletes. By helping athletes begin partial weight-bearing exercise almost immediately after their surgery, they can enjoy the advantages of rehabilitative exercise without the pain the injury would have induced.

The technology provides lots of benefits to injured athletes and those with other health conditions that running or any other exercise is not considered a specific solution. For instance, athletes with hip, knee, or foot arthritis that induce severe pain when walking can participate in the pain-free exercises on the Alter G treadmill. Patients having metabolic syndrome, a combination of conditions including triglyceride levels or abnormal cholesterol, excess body fat around the patient’s waist, high blood sugar, and increased blood pressure, can utilize the Alter G treadmill to make their fitness program easier.

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