Be Dressed to the Nines with 6 Watches for Men

Your accessories are often the embellishments that can make or break an ensemble. There is a reason accessorising is considered the true marker of the fashion-conscious because it can make you stand out from the crowd wherever you go. Choosing what jewellery, eyewear, or watches complement your outfit sets you apart. That is why investing in stylish watches for men can always be an excellent place to start if you want to indulge in the skill and magic of flawless style.

The right watches for men are a glimpse into your personality, where the sparkle will strike even the casual onlooker on your wrist. Pairing your watches with the outfit is a standard practice everyone does before they head out to a party or a meeting. For men, having the right watch is a status symbol and a stylish companion in their day-to-day endeavours.

Hence, look at these options for stylish watches for men that can make you look like you are dressed to the nines, wherever you are.

Camo in Blue

Versatility is one of the key factors to keep in mind when you are shopping for watches for men. This watch is unique in its design but also pays homage to the classic combination of the blues and browns in men’s clothing. The dial of this watch has a camouflage print which is detailed across the brown hues of the movement. The straps are in a muted yet chic shade of blue to complement the rugged look of this watch.

Cool in Steel

This watch is another classic that can be found across wardrobes and fashion spreads as one of the most effortlessly stylish designs in watches for men. Steel and blue speak for the cool and sophisticated aura of the gentleman, and this watch and its Multifunction dial laid in blue makes for an eye-catching accessory. The straps are made of Stainless Steel, making it a must-have for all the meetings and the brunches you want to look stylish for.

Regal in Blue

Dressing to the nines was never easier with this watch that oozes a sense of old-world charm and class. This design is a cornerstone for designs within watches for men as it is regal and timeless. The striking blue dial is contrasted with the smaller Multifunction dials in silver. The indices and the case are covered in a golden hue, extending to the same shade of blue for a magnetic appearance.

The Monochromatic Brown

Browns are one of the most classy and understated colour combinations when it comes to watches for men. This design plays on that classic and gives us a monochromatic rendition. Golden touches punctuate the multifunction dial in brown with the watch indices. The design stays in the shade from the dial to the ends of the straps. This brown watch can effortlessly bring out the cool and effortlessly stylish version of you.

Classic in All-Black

Speaking of monochromatic trends, the classic all black designs in watches for men is one that stays timeless throughout the eras. This watch is an ode to the same, where the design skilfully brings out a stylish and sophisticated aura from your appearance, giving an edge above the rest. It is stunning and classy, with golden indices breaking through the captivating black of the Multifunction dial.

The Sporty Companion

Another take on the classic blue and brown combination in watches for men is a piece sure to strike the fancy of ones with a sporty spirit. While classic designs are not popularly known to incorporate the sporty aesthetic into their look, this watch achieves the same while staying classy for every occasion. The day and dates on the dial are over a deep blue, which complements the earthy tones of the strap beautifully.

A gentleman’s investment is having a basic collection of great watches for men. If you are always looking to impress, the right watches can boost your confidence and give you an edge over the rest. Looking suave and effortless with an eye-catching watch is simple with trusted brands like Sonata. Their collection of stylish and affordable watches is sure to make you look like you are dressed to the nines, no matter the occasion. Therefore, head over to Sonata and find your match from great options in watches for men today.

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