Art and craft are often considered a pastime. Anxious thoughts are harder to escape under prolonged isolation, such as the extensive lockdown measures imposed in response to the coronavirus epidemic. However, arts and crafts are found to assist these sentiments.

This year, which acted like a rollercoaster to all of us, everyone spent time indoors doing a lot of art and craftwork. Everyone went by the trends and are still wanting to be updated to all trendy crafts currently. People did volume sewing, epoxy resin art supplies, polymer clay, painting, embroidery, tie and dying, pottery and glass artistry by getting their hands on amazing kiln costs.

So let us look at them in detail

  • Pottery

People noticed an increase in at-home pottery delivery kits in 2020, which included everything you’d need to create your masterpieces at home. Pottery will continue to increase in popularity in 2021, with individuals of all ages expected to participate. Sculpting a plant pot, a pen pot, or even an incense holder in pottery is a lot of fun for everyone. It also helps develop hand-eye coordination.

  • Volume sewing

People constantly advise, “Sew big or go home.” As the fashion of the 1960s and 1970s resurfaces, so does volume stitching. Big enormous collars, bespoke cuffs, flared pants, and floating sleeves are all in style right now and will remain for a long time. Lola alba vintage created this very unusual Victorian collar lesson, which was published in Mollie issue 124. It’s the epitome of volume stitching, and it’ll look fantastic with your 2021 ensembles.

  • Epoxy resin art

Resin crafts have grown in popularity in recent months, and everyone believes they will be enormous in 2021. Tik Tok has evolved into a platform for creators to showcase behind-the-scenes footage of their work. Resin is a versatile and long-lasting material used for everything from bookmarks and keychains to bowls and wall art. There are loads of epoxy resin art supplies and how-to video lessons available, making this a wonderful place to start for anybody interested in trying this hobby.

  • Polymer clay

Polymer clay is one of the most popular crafts on social media. Tik Tok users and Instagram users are posting videos of rolled polymer clay colours together to form beautiful patterns and swirling shapes, which are incredibly enjoyable to watch. It’s a material used to produce a wide range of jewellery, figurines, boxes, and pots. It’s also quite economical, so you can start your handcrafted jewellery for less money than you could buy it in a store.

Because people were all forced to spend so much time inside in 2020, it provided everyone with the opportunity to rekindle old hobbies. The painting was one of them, and with sales of paint by number and art materials skyrocketing, everyone knew it wasn’t only us who rediscovered the joy of painting. Grayson Perry’s Art Club demonstrated to the country that anybody can paint if they have the right equipment and a little imagination.

  • Embroidery

In 2020, embroidery grew increasingly popular, but people believe textured embroidery will be the most craft trend in 2021. Different beads and materials have been used to give it a more 3D aspect, which has led to a lot of experimentation in stitching. People adore it when roving creates a movement to embroidery hoops and blur the lines between different crafts.

  • Tie and dye

Crochet isn’t the only thing that the 1990s have influenced. Tie-dying has made a big comeback, and it’s just going to get bigger in 2021. Natural dyes have been employed instead of chemical dyes in recent years, and tie-dying has been advertised as a fantastic method to upcycle old or damaged clothes. Ice dying, or laying ice on top of a pattern and waiting for it to melt to produce a swirling appearance, is becoming more popular.

There are so many more trends in 2021 in art and craft so that you can look out for others also, but these are a few of the most interesting ones. And these are all very affordable. So have fun while doing at least a few of these.

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