Apps to Keep Installed on Your Phone in the Case of an Accident 

While smartphones are considered a driver’s enemy because they are one of the leading causes of distracted driving accidents in the US, they can also save your life. In the event of a car accident, it can be hard to know what to do. You may be too injured or confused to determine the next step. With the help of a few apps, you can better handle the aftermath of an accident. 

Several apps have been developed which help you gather the right information and inform the right people immediately after the accident. These apps will tell you what to do, and you will be able to contact the right authorities. If you were in a car accident due to someone else’s fault, click here to get in touch with an attorney today. 

Important apps to have in case of an accident 

  • AxiKit. 

AxiKit is an accident recording app that helps you share the news of the collision with the right people, such as your family, law enforcement, insurance company, etc. It also allows you to collect the right information from the accident site and the other party that you will require during your insurance claim or car accident lawsuit. One of its best features is a voice recorder to collect witness statements. 

  • SOSmart. 

SOSmart is an automatic car crash detection app. It is the ultimate emergency app that all responsible and provocative drivers must download. The automatic crash detection feature can tell when you have been in an accident and sends a notification of your location to your emergency contact, which you can choose when you set up the application on your phone. This reduces the rescue time and saves thousands of lives every year. 

  • Car Camera DVR. 

Car Camera DVR is a dashboard video recording app. With this app, you can turn your regular smartphone into a Car DVR recorder with zero additional investment. Whether you are going to work, college, on a trip with your friends, or to the grocery store, the app can record HD definition videos that are extremely powerful evidence during accident claims. However, you may have to keep a charger handy during long commutes since long-time recording can strain the battery. 

  • Your insurance company’s app. 

If you have motor insurance, your insurance company likely has an app of its own. While the features can vary for different companies, the basic function of the app is to inform the company about the accident and get in touch with a representative in the aftermath of an accident. 

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