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One would have to be living under a rock to not know America is in the midst of a huge national crisis. The crisis is an election crisis, Constitutional crisis, and a media/news crisis, all at the same time.  Short recap?  The American public has lost confidence it the security of its voting systems, half of the country says the current President is illegitimate because of compromises in the American voting systems, and barely 1 out of 5 Americans believe their media sources tell the truth of what is really going on.  Can this massive national crisis in the United States of America ever be fixed? Can the American public trust it’s voting systems anymore?


You will never read about this in the American media since the American media is largely responsible for enabling and ensuring the United States of America fails and fails fabulously. The American media is solidly made-up Socialists and Marxists.  Since the Obama administration, almost all reporters and journalists who were conservative in their views and reporting have been jack-booted and banned from the news and publishing business.  What is left over is a massive grouping of far extreme-left liberals who hate America, encourage American citizens to riot, burn and loot and want to ban the nations National Anthem.  At the same time these same news and media people want to legalize sex with children as young as 6 and legalize teaching in American schools that if you are white, you are “automatically racist” and therefore you and your family are responsible for the nation’s woes.  Reading this you might be surprised, but I assure you this is 100% true reporting contrary to what is allowed in the United States at the moment.   This ban on truthful reporting on the true state of the union in the Unites States is supported and enforced by social media. The new Nazi enforcement goon squad.


The Press of the Third Reich, when Adolf Hitler took power in 1933, had allies and bias barkers within only 3% of Germany’s 4700 newspapers, but once they rigged the elections to be only for their party by forging votes and threatening canceling anyone who did not go along with them, the were able to eliminate the existing German multi-party system and take over almost 100% of all forms of media.

Shortly thereafter, the new government allowed the state to seize the printing plants, radio, and all media outlets. Anyone who did not go along with the “approved party line” was called out, labeled derogatory terms, harassed, ostracized and their livelihoods were destroyed. Anyone who stood up against the new government claiming it was both corrupt and immoral, if they were not immediately killed or jailed, they were run out of the county as conspiracy theorists who were conspiring to corrupt the new Nazi nation.  Friends and family were encouraged to turn in other friends and family to root out extremist. This rooting out of those who stood opposed to oppression found the first wave of punishment was in fact censorship. This is happening again in American right now.

During the first weeks of 1933, the Nazi regime deployed the radio, press, and newsreels to stoke fears of a pending “uprising,” then channeled popular fear and anxieties into political measures that eradicated civil liberties and democracy. This too, is happening in the United States of America right now.


America long been the ideal beacon and measure of freedom and liberty, but at the moment a movement is underway to bring down the once great nation.

Just like 1933 Germany, one party, the American Democratic Party or DNC did not have the majority in recent years. In fact, their stronghold in certain areas was rapidly dwindling and America was booming under Donald J. Trump as President.  However, a questionable election, which is now forbidden by both news media and social media to debate, discuss and investigate, has caused what seems like Nazi Germany to resurrect itself in North America.

In 1933, the goal of Hitler’s Nazi Party (NSDAP) was to achieve a majority, in order to consolidate their newly won power into one ruling party. Hitler and his party drafted new laws to ensure they would gain more power over the people and stay in power (similar to the Democrats new HR1 Bill in America).  Hitler’s use of the media and censorship allowed for the passing of the notorious Enabling Act of 1933, which allowed him and his government to enact laws without the consent of the parliament. This soon led to the abolishment of democracy and the introduction of the Nazi dictatorship.


As the historic Land of the Free is rapidly becoming as bad as the movie Land of The Lost, one lone 1st generation American German-Jew has willingly walked in front of the proverbial tanks. Not in the Chinese Tiananmen Square in the shade of the Forbidden City, but in full view of the the crooked parts of the American system and they are now throwing tons of shade in the public square over the invention of Kinematic Artifact Detection, a platform created by famed Internet pioneer and inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer.

In classic Nazi propaganda form, the fake news within American media has taken Pulitzer’s passion as a world class explorer and framed him as a “failed treasure hunter”. They push a false narrative of an unavoidable dot com crash as a total failure despite his patents being on every mobile device around the globe.  Same tactics used by Hitler’s Nazi propaganda machine, just redeployed in the modern age.

Pulitzer has 25 years’ experience with over 200 patents based upon how machine-readable codes work on printed paper and interact with machines (think Voter ID, ballots and voting machines). He is most likely the world’s foremost authority and expert to discover what went wrong with the American voting process, in specific the ballots used in conjunction with the voting machines.

Ten Million Dollars, Death Threats and Setting The Gold Standard

Just after the controversial 2020 American general election between Donald J. Trump and Joseph Robinette Biden, Pulitzer spotted an anomaly.  For the first time in American history all vote counting stopped. Pulitzer asked himself “Why did vote counting stop?” More important, “Why did this abrupt stop happen in exactly 6 states, 6 specific counties, and those six are what put Joe Biden over the top the next day?”  This is when Pulitzer jumped into action. He had already been observing and attempting to understand voting irregularities back as early as 2008, but things in 2020 just magnified he needed to develop something to inspect and more thoroughly audit the voting systems used.  He had a burning need, as did most Americans, to find out the truth surrounding the 2020 election. For the record, currently there have been over 50,000 legally certified and notarized sworn affidavits of bad elections practices & irregularities, voter fraud or election fraud during the 2020 election.

In late November, Pulitzer made his findings and his new patented invention known to the public.  Kinematic Artifact Detection is a new forensic discipline born from the known science of kinematics combined with forensics and the advanced technology tools Pulitzer had been working with and deploying over the last 6 years.  When word hit the street, the fake new press started attacking Pulitzer and when that strategy did not work, the death threats started rolling in.  Then the system resorted to offering Pulitzer $10m to just walk about and not deployed his new technology.

Choosing his fellow country men and women over money and politics, Pulitzer refused the bribe and now is forced to sneak in and out of building for meetings, disguise his appearance when in public and have full time bodyguards.


Pulitzer’s first roll out of his Kinematic Artifact Detection Platform was in the historic Maricopa County, Arizona election audit.  For the very first time in history all 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County are not only being audited, but forensically studied utilizing this new certification and compliance inspection system.  The system is able to detect counterfeit ballots, illegal copied ballots, ballots which were labeled as being received in the mail but yet were never mailed and countless other indicators indicating nefarious or illegal activities regarding voting.

Many say the system, the corrupt system of American politics and the American media, is now terrified of both Pulitzer and his soon to be published results.  Pulitzer, which is neither Democrat nor Republican is agnostic about what the results will reveal.  He states “This not about which person won the Presidency. It is not even about political parties. This is only about election integrity and making sure that not only does every vote count but going to the now needed step of assuring an individual’s ballot, was actually counted the way they actually had voted when the paper ballot left their hand.”

Many are hailing Pulitzer as a modern American founding father and the man who will save the United States from Socialism or Marxism.  Others just call him a failed treasure hunter and failed inventor.  However, when one looks at his patents, achievements, and business record, it is easy to see that Pulitzer is the real deal and easily qualified to settle the debate once and for all and bring peace and prosperity back to the United States of America.

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