All You Need To Know About Building Permit In Toronto

You can apply for a building permit Toronto in person at the customer service counter of the district office where your residence is located in Toronto. Officials will not accept any applications that do not include the required fee. To ensure that they comply with the Toronto building permit code, local zoning by-laws, and other applicable requirements, Toronto building staff will review your designs.

You may track the status of your application online after they’ve reviewed it and determined that it complies with all applicable regulations. building permit Toronto is only valid for the duration of the project. However, if the construction hasn’t begun or has come to a halt, the permit is valid for up to six months and can be extended by a building inspector.

For what do you require a permit?

Some projects that need Toronto building permit are listed below:

  • Basement finishing options include structural repairs, the installation or modification of heating/plumbing systems, and the addition of a second room or a basement entrance.
  • Building a detached garage, carport, workshop, or pool house with a floor area of more than 10 square metres (108 square feet)
  • Adding a second storey, a sunroom, an attached garage, or a porch to an existing structure
  • Putting up a deck that is higher than 60 centimetres off the ground
  • Adding or removing walls, as well as installing or expanding new windows or doors
  • Improvements to the environment, such as green roofs
  • Repairing or building a fireplace or chimney
  • Changing the use of a structure (example: residential to the office or single-dwelling unit house to multi-dwelling unit house)

What is the Process for Obtaining a Permit?

The overall process for obtaining a building permit is highly essential, as it helps in performing the construction process in a much hassle free manner.

The homeowner is legally responsible for acquiring any required building permits and should supply the municipality with complete information, remodelling plans, and any other paperwork requested by the city. If you have a contract with your renovator, it should spell out the permits you’ll need and whether the renovator will get them for you. If that’s the case, you’ll need to draft a letter of authorization that gives the renovator permission to apply for the permit on your behalf.

A permit application can be obtained from your local building department. For land-use approval, please send the application to your local planning department. Would you please send it to your local sanitation authority or department of environmental quality for sanitation and septic approval? You’ll also have to pay a permit fee when you submit your application.

Following the submission of your application, the municipality examines your plans and drawings to ensure that you haven’t broken any safety rules or violated any critical zoning zones. Cities strive to expedite the review process as much as possible so that residents do not have to wait too long for their projects. They accept more minor, more straightforward projects in a matter of days, but more complex ones may take weeks to assess.


The city recommends that you check with the Toronto Building Department for permit needs. You are liable for paying the fines as a homeowner.

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