All About Mice Extermination Through Professional Pest Management Service in Montreal

Rodents such as mice or rats breed quickly. Though their lifespan is short, a female mouse gives birth at least two thousand times in her life. In cities like Montreal, householders usually get into trouble with the escalating mouse population in their homes.

Dealing with a mice infestation can be a daunting task, especially without professional help. It’s not just about extermination, but also about preventing future infestations. That’s why many homeowners in similar situations have found solace in pest control Hartford CT services, ensuring their homes remain pest-free and their peace of mind intact.

There are many reasons why there is a rise in the rodent population in a city like Montreal. Some of them include their bird feeding habits, climatic conditions, and home style. Mice do not need an invite. They will dwell and breed in your home along with you. They’ll nibble on leftovers, crumbs, insects, and bugs creating a troublesome atmosphere for you to live in.

Staying with them could lead to severe health issues for you and your family members. So, getting rid of mice or rat problems should be done quickly. Exterminating mice on your own can fail miserably. They can return even from a ½ inch opening. Instead, it is best to hire a mice exterminator company that has extensive experience in exterminating mice completely from your home.

If you are in search of a professional extermination service in Montreal, then you should consider 911 Exterminator. They’ll make sure that you get rid of pests in the most beneficial manner. They have certified exterminators to resolve your mice problem quickly and efficiently. They provide quality, reliable and 24-hour emergency service at an affordable cost. Also, they offer a free estimate to determine the infestation situation in your home.


Here are the issues that every household commonly deals with rodent infestations.

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

  • HPS is a respiratory disease in humans caused by breathing the air contaminated by the rodent droppings like saliva or urine
  • HPS is severe, sometimes fatal, and causes respiratory distress
  • Person in contact with rodents carrying hantaviruses will be at high risk of HPS
  • Its symptoms include fever, headache, muscle ache, cough, and more
  • As there is no 100% guaranteed treatment for this infestation, the best way is to avoid their entry in your home
  • Along with health risks, they are the reason for many fire accidents as they gnaw electric wires frequently
  • They even contaminate your food causing bacterial infections including food poison.
  • They damage your home or any office building, as they gnaw through walls or wires
  • They are unhygienic, do much harm to those suffering from asthma, and are identified as potential triggers in developing the disease

Tips To Turn Out

  • Close all entryways
  • Maintain attic clean
  • Assess the wall scratches
  • Use mousetraps
  • Choose a good mousetrap bait
  • Place mousetraps in relevant locations
  • Never neglect the bait packages
  • Practice good sanitation
  • Care for surroundings
  • Allow cats


They are invisible and are identified by something they leave behind rather than themselves directly. Here are the following signs that will help you easily know whether your home or office is infested or not.

  • Dark and small Droppings generally under the sink, cupboards, and even on the walls.
  • Smudging dirt on the walls and floor
  • Abnormal smell like ammonia
  • Noise while scratching walls, ceiling, attic, and more.

Thus, without any further delay contact the 911 Exterminator technicians with a simple phone call or by filling out their online free estimate form. Thereafter, your home will become mice-free with their quality, courteous, and professional service.

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