5 Reasons Why Using Cotton Bedsheets in Summer is Recommended

Cotton is one of the most durable and lightweight fabrics in the world. Cotton consumption is currently at an all-time high and there is a high dependency on cotton for its versatile usage in our lives. Cotton is one of the biggest discoveries as it formed the basis of the textile industry and the whole fashion industry as we see it today.

Cotton is produced in countries like India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and many such countries. Cotton is famously used in clothes, double bed sheets, pillowcases, drapes, tunics, and many such versatile household utilities. Indian Cotton is very durable, lightweight, breathable, and very skin-friendly. Cotton is revered to be one of the best kinds of fabric for the human skin as it causes no allergies to most of us.

Cotton and Summer

Due to its highly lightweight and breathable features, cotton is recommended as the best fabric for summer. The fabric is very safe on the skin and absorbs moisture such as sweat making it very durable as well.

Most tropical countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Egypt, and other such nations prefer to have most of their daily use garments in Cotton. This is why cotton is famously grown in these regions as they specialize in the growth and cultivation of cotton for their own purposes and export it to other nations as well.

Cotton can remain cool in summer by absorbing moisture and letting air circulate through its weaves. Most garments made from cotton are in high demand in the form of T-shirts, Cotton trousers, Cotton Kurtis, Cotton Sarees, etc. Cotton is also commonly used for premium quality bedding such as Cotton Double bed sheets, Cotton pillow covers and cushion covers, Cotton duvet and mattress covers, etc.

Reasons why Cotton Bedsheet is preferred for Summers

There are so many reasons why most people prefer cotton for summers. Cotton bed sheets specifically are also chosen above other fabrics by most people especially those in hot, tropical countries. Below are 5 of the main reasons why:

1. Extremely Soft

Cotton is one of the softest economic fabrics in the world. Cheaper than most expensive fabrics such as silk and satin, cotton is still one of the softest materials for use as a bedsheet. 100% cotton bed sheets are now available in the market which is extremely soft and provides ultimate comfort.

2. Breathable Texture

Cotton provides natural ventilation by absorbing sweat from the body. It keeps the body temperature low by letting air circulate through its light and durable texture. In winters, it retains the body heat and keeps your skin ventilated, and helps you sleep better.

3. Easy Maintenance

Cotton sheets are very easy to maintain. 100% cotton bed sheets only need a cold rinse from time to time and they are good to go. They rarely ever bleed or fade depending upon the brand. They are extremely easy to wash and rewash.

4. Cost-Effective

Cotton bed sheets are also very economical as they are much cheaper than most of the expensive fabrics that offer the same qualities such as silk bed sheets. Cotton sheets also last much longer than any other fabrics making them the most economical option to purchase.

5. Safe for Skin

Cotton is very skin-friendly and causes no rashes or allergies to the skin. Most cotton bed sheets come branded for being hypoallergenic for their skin-friendly nature.

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