You Know You’re Adulting When

When you’re a kid, people ask you all the time what you want to be when you grow up. Usually, children will answer saying they want to be a firefighter, ballerina, teacher, or construction worker. It’s fun to encourage those dreams and hopefully, the kids grow up to reach those ultimate goals. But inevitably, everyone grows up to be the same thing: an adult.

For years, doing adult activities or handling your responsibilities has been referred to as “adulting.” Current Millenials are coming into their older years with a bit of anxiety and apprehension about doing everything right, on time, and effectively. Therefore, it’s nice to celebrate those little adulting moments with pride and excitement. There isn’t necessarily a switch that flips between adolescence and adulthood. You slowly, but surely, start taking on more responsibility until you realize you’re doing it all on your own. And don’t worry if you still feel lost sometimes, because everyone does from time to time. You’re doing great no matter what pace you’re operating at! Here are just a few signs that you know you’re adulting when…

… you start looking at houses.

Buying a house is a very adult activity. You’ve saved up a lot of money and are ready to make that investment in your future. As you’re applying for a mortgage, you’re going to get plenty of adult things in line. First, make sure you have a good credit score and a positive history of paying off loans. You’ll also need to know what interest rate you can afford for your loan. Be realistic about the amount of money you need to purchase your home. Bring all your important documents and be ready to read the fine print. Overall, buying a house and getting a mortgage is a huge step that can help launch you into adulthood.

… you file your taxes on your own.

Growing up, taxes probably seems like this confusing thing that you never really had to worry about. As you get older and start working adult jobs, it’s going to be up to you to file your taxes. You can make the activity more fun and personal with tax folders designed just for you. Put everything together efficiently and effectively to send off to the IRS. With the right accessories, you’ll be killing the adulting game when you send your paperwork away on April 15th.

… you have a number of meals you can cook.

Preparing your own food is a huge part of adulting. Whether you’re meal prepping for the whole week or enjoy cooking a nice dinner after work, it helps to have a few recipes up your sleeve. Being able to make a proper grocery list and create nice meals for you and your family is a great way to show off your adulting skills while taking care of your body.

… you make your own doctor’s appointments with your own insurance.

As a kid, your parents were the ones making your doctor’s appointments. Now that you’re an official adult, it’s time to take charge of your own health. Most employers will offer you health insurance or you can buy into the general market. This will help you find good doctors and specialists who can keep you physically and mentally healthy throughout your day to day.

… you’re investing your money in retirement accounts.

Real adults are excited about investing in the future. You’ll know you’re adulting when you start investing your money in a 401K or an independent retirement account. This means you are responsibly setting yourself up for success for your future. Having these kinds of savings accounts will give you peace of mind that you’re truly protected.

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