Why Upload Speed is Considered Important Sometimes?

Have you ever thought about why upload speed matters when we explain or think about internet connection? In this article, we will ponder upon the reasons and how upload speed is considered important sometimes when it comes to internet connectivity, upgrading the connection, sharing the bandwidth with anyone, or subscribing to an internet connection.

While buying the internet service or seeing internet service ads, we often tend to see a definite emphasis on upload speed and download speed. In the same way, while purchasing one as well, we always do pay due attention to upload and download speed–but do most of us even know what is the difference? How is upload speed different from download speed and why there is so much emphasis on upload speed primarily? Does this really make any difference since most of the customers prefer to pay more for an increased upload speed? Let’s find out!

Upload speed originally means the time needed to upload data from your device and to send it over the internet. Uploading could involve any kind of content such as photo, document, video, or of any kind. Uploading speed plays a crucial role when it comes to uploading large images or videos at a fast speed. Moreover, it impacts online activities which may include online gaming, streaming, and video calling/conferencing.

Downloading speed primarily matters when you want to watch online streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix. Similarly, a fast downloading speed determines how fast you’ll download something and in which quality you’ll download it. The uploading speed matters in opposition. It determines how others will hear you when you are in contact with them through the internet. Fast uploading speed will enhance their experience, while slow speed will make it hard for them to understand your words. Uploading speed depends on the number of users. The more people use the internet, the more uploading speed you’ll need for a better experience.

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Nowadays, wired internet connections give an uploading speed of at least 5 Mbps, which is great. This speed is more than enough for uploading HD photos, videos, or for organizing zoom meetings. In the case of a Wi-Fi internet connection, you can expect an uploading speed of 10 Mbps or more. It would be the best option in comparison to wired internet.

Voice and Video Calling

The need for online voice and video calling has increased dramatically ever since the global pandemic occurred. For having the best online experience, that doesn’t interrupt your productivity and work-related communication, you need to use the internet with an uploading speed of at least 3 Mbps. This speed will only work if the downloading speed is at least 25 Mbps. You have to understand that both speeds (upload and download) go hand in hand to give you the best voice and video calling experience.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) declared that this uploading speed of 3 Mbps is enough in most of the scenarios that take place in daily lives. Now, let’s discuss the minimum speed requirements for calling with online applications. For having the best calling experience on Skype, around 100 Kbps speed is enough for the voice call. However, for conference video calls, you can’t go less than 512 Kbps. Presently, the Zoom app is more demanding than Skype. Zoom will need a minimum speed of 600 Kbps for one person’s calling and for HD video calling in groups, a speed of at least 3.8 Mbps will be a condition.

Conclusive Notes

In the aforementioned discussion, we have tried to differentiate the upload and download speed to help you understand better. Also, why upload speed is at times considered more important. We hope this was a helpful read and you will take an informed decision while buying, upgrading, using, sharing, or downgrading an internet connection. If your online activities involve visual content which includes video gaming, video calling, streaming Netflix or YouTube, good download speed will ensure an uninterrupted experience.

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