Why a Milking Machine is Necessary in a Farm

Are you a farmer in need to maximize the amount of products from your farm? Or are you having issues with hand milking the various cows in your shed. Here below is a solution to your problems along with the various benefits you might experience.

Farming and cattle herding has been an activity that has been with man for centuries dating as far back as Mesopotamia. Through the many years different innovations have been made to improve farming and herding and today it has become very simply to manage a vast piece of land with the help of various machinery. Today we will look at the benefits of using one of these various machinery, milking machines for cows

What are Milking machines?

Its name is rather self-explanatory; it’s merely a machine that extract milk from cows. Its work is mainly to help anyone easily milk a cow rather than its alternative traditional method which mainly had the farmer sit down and manually collect milk, rather tiresome.  There are different types of milk machines ranching from automatic and need to be plugged in while others need the farmer to participate In the process. The different categories vary in size and complexity, all of which depend on the number of cattle that needs to be milked and of course a farmer’s budget.

This contraption has brought about numerous advantages and below are but a few reason why you should purchase a milking machine to help ease your work load.

Saving of Labour expenses

Milking dozens of cows isn’t an easy task and most farmers often go for additional work force to help in completing such a task. This ends up increasing the amount of money you have to spend by paying all the additional help which isn’t ideal in any situation. This fact doesn’t only apply to expenses, trying to milk several cows on your own ends up draining a lot of energy. Having a milking machine relieves you of both burdens being an ideal equipment for your farm.

Different Types of Milking Machines

As previously stated there are different types, each vary in size and use different processes to extract milk. This fact directly affects milking machine prices in Kenya, the more automatic it is the higher the price. This however poses some advantages, if you have a number of cows but you also want to save on cost by not going for the most expensive choice, there are cheaper alternatives that can service multiple cows while requiring additional man power. Killing two birds with one stone and still being able to save up

Increases the milk yield

Any milking machine prioritizes getting the maximum amount of milk per cow without getting tired of overexerting the cow itself. Think of it in this way, when hand milking a cow you can only go as far as your body can take you and most of the time farmers end up either over milking or under milking a cow causing damage to both you and the cow. A milking machine knows the right amount of milk that can be collected, and it can even be adjusted depending on the farmer’s preference.

In Conclusion

Purchasing a milking machine can make work easier for you as a farmer and you can be able to gain maximum quality and quanitity of milk without straining your cows.

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