What Do You Need to Know to Install a Hydromassage Bathtub in Your Bathroom?

Turn your bathroom into a spa with a hydromassage bathtub that fills your relaxing moment with bubbles.  These are the tips to not make mistakes.

Enjoy the benefits of a hydromassage bath every day or when the weather allows it, at home, in your bathroom, just by installing a hydromassage bathtub. For this, it is important that you know some characteristics that will help you make the right decision. A hydromassage bathtub allows you to relax and take care of yourself thanks to the massage produced by the jets. The hot water circulates thanks to the jets and the suction return and currents are created.

  1. Which hot tub to choose? size and location

The fundamental thing to choosing the right model is to know how much space you have. There are smaller and larger models. Rectangular and square. In the corner and to stick to the wall or exempt. The place where you are going to place the bathtub will also determine the type of shape, for example. Keep in mind that the size of the bathtub influences the amount of water you can pour and, therefore, the weight that the floor supports. 

And, of course, the budget you have. Look at one and then you can adjust the choice. Of course, it is easier to choose a hydromassage bathtub if the house is being built or if you are considering a complete renovation than if it is a question of renovating the bathroom and including the bathtub in the space you have, but there is always a solution with something! Of space!

  1. The material of the hot tubs

The most common bathtubs are those made of sanitary acrylic material with a gloss coating and polyester resin.

  1. Air or water jets?

The nozzles or jets project air or water into the bathtub, which is what generates the bubbles, which in turn provide a gentle massage. If you want a hot tub to relax, an air system is enough. To energize and tone, a water-air system is preferable. There are some that combine both systems (air/water + air).

  1. Number of hydromassage jets or nozzles

The more there are in a hot tub, the more quality of massages it will have. It is also important where they are located so that the massages are adequate.

  1. Look at the ergonomics of the bathtub

Because there are models that are more ergonomic than others and this will make the shape better adapt to the body and it will be more comfortable to lie down. Many bathtubs incorporate pillows for the head.

  1. Disinfection system

These are systems that clean and disinfect the bathtub themselves, which facilitates the task of keeping the piece in good condition for longer. Ozone disinfection systems are perfect for people who have allergic skin reactions.

  1. The installation, what is needed?

A hydromassage is a paras kylpytynnyri, in addition to the water connection, requires an electrical installation in the bathroom nearby (carried out by an authorized professional). The power plug must be grounded. It must be taken into account that the channeling of the water and the level of the ground are correct so that the operation of the jets (in terms of airflow) is also correct.

  1. How does such a bathtub work?

The operation is quite simple. It is filled with water at the desired temperature (the level must be five centimeters above the location of the jets that inject the water or air) and then the pump is turned on in the switch panel that includes the bathtub. Through it, you can change the intensity of the massage according to the flow of water or air that is injected.

Most whirlpool bathtubs include a digital panel to turn on the equipment and control its operation, a regulator that controls the mixture of water that comes out during use, and jets distributed throughout the bathtub to produce different types of relaxing massages in different areas. of the body. There are manual or programmable operating bathtubs.

  1. Bathtub motor power

These types of bathtubs are activated by a motor, which is why an electrical outlet is necessary. The power of that engine also influences the experience and medical benefits of the device due to the force of the jets.

  1. Bathrooms with ventilation

This recommendation is important. Hydromassage bathtubs should be installed in bathrooms that have a window since they produce humidity and if there is no proper air circulation, mold will appear.

  1. How many people will use the hot tub?

The usual thing is that you think of a hydromassage bathtub for one person but there are models that can be used for more and this affects the size of the glass itself and affects the final result of the bathroom decoration.

  1. Accessories and extra services of the bathtub

From custom seats to cup holders, USB ports, speakers, including TV service. There are aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

  1. Benefits of a hot tub

With a bathtub of this type, stress is relieved and muscular tension is calmed. In addition, blood circulation is activated and the pressure of the jets fights cellulite. It can relieve certain aches and pains and has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

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