What Are the New Auto Accessories?

In Adelaide, like in many other places, the auto accessories market is always evolving with new innovations and trends. Here are some of the latest auto accessories that are gaining popularity in Adelaide:

  1. Wireless Phone Chargers: With the increasing reliance on smartphones for navigation and communication while driving, wireless phone chargers have become a must-have accessory. These chargers make it easy to charge on the go, eliminating the tangle of cables.
  2. Dash Cams: Dash cams have become increasingly popular for both safety and security reasons. They record footage of your drive, which can be crucial in case of accidents or disputes on the road. Advanced dash cams come with features like GPS tracking and collision detection.
  3. LED Light Bars: LED light bars are favored by off-road enthusiasts and those who frequently drive in rural areas.
  4. Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS): Bluetooth TPMS systems offer realtime monitoring of tire pressure and temperature, providing alerts to drivers in case of underinflated tires or overheating.
  5. Roof Racks and Cargo Carriers: Adelaide’s outdoor lifestyle makes it essential to carry bicycles, kayaks, camping gear, and other heavy goods by means of roof racks and cargo carriers. To reduce wind noise and improve fuel efficiency, newer models have aerodynamic designs.
  6. Smartphone Mounts: With strict laws against using phones while driving, smartphone mounts have become indispensable. To provide safe and comfortable access to navigation applications and hands-free calls, the most recent mounts offer security attachment options as well as adjustments in display angles.
  7. Keyless Entry Systems: By enabling drivers to lock, unlock and start their vehicles without using traditional keys, keyless entry systems offer added convenience and security. Some systems even offer remote start functionality, allowing you to preheat or cool your car before entering.
  8. Car Seat Covers: Custom-fit car seat covers not only protect your seats from spills, stains, and wear but also add a touch of style to your interior. The newest models are made from high quality materials that can be easily installed and able to accommodate side airbags and heated seats.
  9. Solar Powered Ventilators: These innovative accessories help keep your car interior cool during hot Adelaide summers by continuously circulating fresh air. Solar-powered ventilators require no batteries or wiring, making them easy to install and eco-friendly.
  10. Digital Tire Inflators: Digital tire inflators allow you to quickly and accurately inflate your tires to the recommended pressure, offering accurate inflation control and easy to read displays. Compact and portable models are ideal for emergency roadside assistance or regular maintenance.

Finally, a surge of innovative products aimed at enhancing the safety, convenience and appearance of vehicles is taking place in Adelaide’s automotive accessories market. From wireless phone chargers to dash cams, LED light bars to keyless entry systems, there’s a diverse range of accessories catering to the needs of drivers in Adelaide. These new accessories not only offer practical solutions for everyday challenges but also reflect the evolving trends and preferences of modern drivers

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