Virtual Fun Games To Play On Zoom!

The last two years of the pandemic have introduced us to various virtual fun games to play. These virtual games are for various purposes such as relaxing with friends, ice breakers for new classes, team building for work, and many others. Some also call it zoom party games. 

It’s time to make work fun again. Here is a list of a few virtual fun games to play on zoom:

  • 20 Questions

This is a straightforward game, the presenter will have to decide on a place, an object, or a person, and the rest of the team members can ask 20 questions to figure out the answer. Although this may seem a little silly at first, it is a great ice breaker game and involves a lot of wild assumptions and laughter. 

  • Zoom Trivia

As the name suggests, zoom trivia is a fascinating game where the teams are split into various smaller teams and provided with various zoom breakout rooms. They are given 20-30 questions on different topics depending on the purpose, and the team that comes back first with all the answers wins. These optimize teamwork and also test the knowledge of an individual. 

  • Five Things

This is my favorite game. Each individual is given a place, an object, or a person, and they have to name five things within 15 seconds. The adrenaline rush because of the pressure of the time often makes you stumble and fail at the easiest of words, but the fun is not compromised. On the contrary, the experience gets better with each attempt.

  • Murder Mystery game

What’s even a game without some mystery? We all love to solve a murder mystery. However, the experience is better when with a great team. You can download the game and share the link with all the participants in the meeting, and for a better experience, ask everyone to change their background to dark, mysterious themes.

  • Lightening Scavenger Hunts

No team-building activity is completed without lightning scavenger hunts. Split the team into smaller groups, make a list of a few things, and ask them to search for them and the first team to find all the objects wins. This is an age-old game and now is also enjoyed virtually, encouraging teamwork.

  • No smiling

This is a game I would lose. Although it sounds ridiculous, it is extremely effective. Each person takes turns, and their goal is to hold their laughs while others try their best to make it impossible. The person who doesn’t break laughs wins.

  • Zoom Pictionary

This is a straightforward game and easy to adapt by all team members. There will be two teams, one team will draw, and the other will guess. It can be played using the whiteboard app in zoom. 


There are many other such fun games to play on zoom. The above gives you an idea. You can also choose others depending upon your objective. These fun games on zoom act as a savior of dying conversations and blankly staring at zoom backgrounds. It also helps foster creativity, creates bonds, builds engagement, and reduces stress to a great extent. 

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