Understanding Your Water Usages Cost and Tips to Reduce It

Water is essential for life and it is something that is a necessity. The level of consumption is directly related to the amount of money that you will pay.

Most consumers want to know as much as possible about how much water they are consuming. They also want to understand what they are paying for. Here’s a closer look at water costs.

Water Costs Components

Your West Coast water bill will consist of four main components. These four components are water usage, water service, sewerage, and stormwater. Some of them vary based on where you live.

  • Water Usage

This is a portion of the bill that shows you how much water you have used in the previous quarter. With this information you can compare and contrast several previous quarters to see if your water usage has diminished or increased.

  • Water Service

The Water Service portion of your bill is the fee that you pay to be able to access the public water supply in the region.

  • Sewerage

You will need to pay for sewage. This service is a necessity that is provided to you. Sewage needs to get off your property. There are pipes that take it away to local treatment plants. You will need to pay for use of this service.

  • Stormwater

Stormwater drainage is another component of your bill. When there are thunderstorms, excess water makes it into the region’s water supply. This excess water will need to be drained away and it comes with a cost.

Average Water Costs

Houses and apartments often have different water usage cost for key components of a water bill.

For apartments in Gosford the average water usage cost is $2, and water service is $83.41. Sewerage, on average, costs $451.46 and stormwater costs $77.41.

For houses, the cost for water usage is $2.00 and you will pay $83.41 for water service. You will pay about $488.81 for sewerage and $103.21 for stormwater.

In Wyong the cost of water usage for apartments and houses are the same. It cost $2, and there’s also similar pricing for water service at $83.41.

However there is a difference in sewerage costs. If you live in a house you’re likely to pay $457.45 and if you live in an apartment you would pay $420.10. Storm water prices are also different if you reside in a house you pay a high of $103.21, whereas if you live in an apartment you would pay $71.41.

Tips for Reducing Your Bills

Water usage charges are very fluid and will fluctuate significantly from one bill to the next.

To stabilize things, reduce your time in the shower. Try watering your lawn during the cooler parts of the day when evaporation rates are lower. You can also get a trigger nozzle for your house and minimize wastage of water.

Use this trigger hose to wash the automobiles to conserve water.

Understanding water costs in Central Coast is critical. It will not only give you information about how much you are paying but it can help you to see whether your conservation methods are effective.

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