Traditional Braces vs Dental Aligners: 5 Things to Consider

They say a smile is a curve that can set everything straight. But what if you’re conscious about showing off your smile? Misaligned teeth can make you extremely conscious about your appearance and cause you to feel awkward while smiling in public. Aside from this, misaligned or crooked teeth are also more difficult to clean, making it likely for impurities to remain stuck in the nooks and crannies of your mouth. This can cause serious oral health issues and also make you prone to several other diseases.

This is why it’s best to get your misaligned teeth cured as soon as possible. Now, while there are a bunch of treatment options available today, metallic braces and dental aligners remain the most preferred choice. But which of these options should you go for? This choice could depend on a variety of factors. Let’s discuss all of these factors in detail.

1. Duration of treatment

The duration of your orthodontic issue is undoubtedly one of the most crucial things to consider while making your choice. While this will vary from case to case, dental aligners typically take around 6-8 months to fix misaligned teeth. Traditional metallic braces, on the other hand, can take anywhere between 12-24 months.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and effective way to treat your orthodontic issues, dental aligners are a clear choice.

2. Practicality and convenience

The second most important thing to consider while choosing the right treatment method is the practicality and convenience it offers. Dental aligners are known to be much more convenient than metallic braces for a bunch of reasons.

First, these aligners are removable. This allows you to munch on your favourite snacks without any restrictions. Furthermore, you can also remove your aligners before brushing or flossing your teeth to maintain pristine oral hygiene.

Second, since these aligners are built from medical-grade plastic, they do not have any pointy wires and wouldn’t cause any bruises or cuts in your mouth.

Finally, if you opt for clear dental aligners, you wouldn’t have to make as many visits to the orthodontist to get your aligners fixed or tightened.

3. Effectiveness

Effectiveness is another important aspect to keep in mind while choosing between dental aligners and braces. The idea is to go for an option that is the most capable of treating the specific misalignment issue that you’re suffering from. Clear dental aligners are effective for a bunch of orthodontic issues like underbite, overbite, open bite, or overbite.

4. Clear dental aligners are, well, clear!

Metallic braces are very prominently visible on your teeth. But when it comes to clear aligners, you’d hardly ever notice them. These aligners fit snugly onto your enamel to apply uniform pressure and bring your teeth to the desired position. This is what makes clear dental aligners perfect for people from all walks of life.

Make a wise choice

So, these are all the factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right treatment for your teeth misalignment. The idea is to opt for a treatment that suits all your requirements and allows you to treat your orthodontic issues without any inconvenience.

While clear dental aligners seem to be a clear choice (pun intended!), it’s important to make sure to opt for reliable brands such as toothsi. toothsi is one of the most reliable clear aligners brands offering convenient and effective solutions for all your orthodontic problems.

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