Tips For Wearing Wigs In Summer

Summer is around the corner, but the high temperatures don’t have to stop you from rocking your favorite wig. Wigs generally enhance one’s beauty regardless of style and length. While wearing a wig during summer can pose some risks due to the excess heat and humidity, you can wear your favorite unice hair and still feel comfortable and confident in it if you are equipped with the right tips.

In this article, we are giving some of the incredible tips for wearing a wig in the summer. Let’s delve into them.

1. Switch out your human hair wig for a synthetic wig

While human hair wigs look more natural than synthetic wigs, they can be very heavy. This makes them not suitable to wear in summer. Synthetic wigs are generally made of lightweight fiber that is about two to three times lighter than human hair wigs, making them ideal to wear in summer. So if you aim to stay cool, you should pick a synthetic wig or a heat-friendly synthetic wig. While synthetic wigs may not last that long compared to human hair wigs, they are cheaper, meaning you won’t waste all of your money on them.

2. Choose a shorter wig

One of the best things about wigs is that they come in various lengths. This makes it easier for you to choose the length that suits your needs and style. Since summers can be extremely hot, causing one to sweat a lot, having a shorter wig is advisable. Longer wigs tend to be hotter and more prone to a sweaty scalp. The key is to keeping the hair off your neck if you want to avoid too much sweating. You can try bob, a pixie cut, or something layered and curly. There are plenty of options. Just because it is summer, it doesn’t mean that your options are limited.

3. Maintain your wig and wash it regularly

During the summer months, you are more prone to excessive sweating, which means oils can get clogged in your scalp and your wigs’ hair strands. So your wig can become smelly. The last thing you want is walking with a smelly wig. This is why it is advisable to wash your wig regularly. The weather can become hotter, but as long as you reduce that oil buildup by washing your wig regularly, you can be sure that your wig is clean, and you will certainly feel comfortable and confident in it. However, remember to use the right products when cleaning your wig and avoid brushing the wig when it is wet as this can cause shedding.

4. Try lighter colors

If you normally like wearing colored wigs, summer may not be the right time to wear dark-colored wigs. Generally, darker colors attract more heat and light. Lighter-colored wigs, on the other hand, won’t absorb as much heat from the sun, making them comfortable to wear even when the weather is extremely hot. So if you are looking for a wig that won’t absorb the heat of the sun and give you a new look, try light-colored wigs.

5. Avoid direct heat as much as you can

While it is apparent that you will be spending most of your time outdoors in the hot sun, this doesn’t mean that you cannot avoid it. There are plenty of things you can do to prevent the direct heat from damaging your unice hair bundles. For instance, you can try wearing a scarf or a hat. Wearing something over your wig can play a huge difference in protecting the wig. The scarf or hat will prevent the wig from receiving too much sunlight, which is common in summer. You can also try storing your wigs in a cool, room temperature in summer when you are not wearing them.

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