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It is unusual for an Accountant to be an expert in Search Marketing, but there are SEO experts in the UK who are also qualified Accountants, these tend to be entrepreneurs themselves or former CFO’s who have in some way gotten involved with SEO and Search Marketing.  FD Capital a leading London based FD and CFO recruitment boutique has a good number of such professionals on its books and available for hire.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting higher rankings in the Search Engine Results Placement (Serps).  Google is the leading search engine and therefore dominates Search Results.  There are three main aspects to achieving higher rankings and these are: –

On site optimisation – this involves the writing of focussed text about the phrase or phrases that are desired to rank for.  There are many tools around the internet which can help with this work and can help the user research a competitor’s web site traffic including which phrases they appear for.

Off-site optimisation – this is the creation of external content and linking this to your web site or web page that you desire to rank for.   Provided the source of the link is itself from a relevant and authoritative site then this will improve the targets performance based on the text on the page, if the link contains a phase or keyword, known as anchor text, then this benefit is focussed onto the phrase in the link.

User metrics – this has become more important since 2011 when it was first in introduced.  The sorts of metrics that are used by Google, include time on page, bounce rate, click through rates (CTR) and more recently technical factors concerning how fast a page loads for the user, or how fast a page is before it becomes visible and interactive.  This factor is more or a negative one, pushing down sites that don’t meet criteria rather than rewarding the ones that do.

Google has a separate index for mobile and desktop results, partly because of the technical differences between devices which makes for significant differences between desktop and mobile devices for the same page.   Often website generate a difference version of their website for web users and send that version when they detect a web browser is from a mobile device.

How can a CFO make use of this knowledge?

A CFO who is very familiar with how Google works, is ideally placed to guide a business through improving the performance of their web sales channel.  Increasingly businesses are becoming more dependent on web sales and online success, so it stands to reason that having a very experienced SEO expert on the board will make a big difference to the organisation and its ability to outperform against its competitors.

How can FD Capital Recruitment help?

If your business is looking for a new CFO or FD and operates online or plans to grow its online business model, then finding a CFO with a background in E-Commerce and online marketing makes perfect sense.  FD Capital has some of the most experienced SEO / CFO hybrid professionals on its books and therefore is an ideal go to provider for your next CFO or FD.  They work very closely with PE Houses and VC funds, so they are the perfect choice for a technology business.

The are based in London UK, so if you are tech a business in London looking to recruit your next CFO, then look no further than their website!


There are SEO/CFO professionals available in London, so if your business needs this skill combination make sure to consider this option, as you get two professionals for the price of one this way.

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