The Northern Districts Men’s Cricket Team

Some interesting cricket first-class competitions are also played in New Zealand. You can visit betting in play can be made on all matches played in that country. One of the teams that regularly participates in those kinds of contests is the Northern Districts squad.

This team has taken part in the Plunket Shield since 1956. It should be noted that this is the most important first-class cricket competition in New Zealand. When considering these specific competitions and all the others where Northern Districts compete, it is easy to see that they are a highly successful squad. Punters can start betting in play on all those competitions by using the 1xBet bookmaker, which features all their matches.

Lots of different districts

As the name of the team suggests, they are made up of different districts within the country of New Zealand. Each one of them contributes with a cricket squad of their own, and that’s now the bigger Northern District side is constructed. These cricket associations also have separate matches of their own, and punters can visit in order to wager on them.

These six different associations include:

  • the Northland Cricket Association;
  • the Counties Manukau Cricket Association;
  • the Waikato Valley Cricket;
  • the Hamilton Cricket Association;
  • the Bay of Plenty Cricket;
  • and the Poverty Bay Cricket Association.

All of them play cricket matches separately in minor competitions all across New Zealand. However, when the time comes to play in the Plunket Shield, which is the most important first-class tournament in the country, they join forces. The 1xBet betting platform can be used to wager on the impressive Northern Districts squad and its great performances. The contribution made by all those clubs is quite remarkable. There is no single club among all of them which outperforms the others in terms of the talent they bring to the big team.

A highly successful team

Among the first-class cricket teams that participate in New Zealand cricket competitions, the Northern Districts squad is one of the most successful. It plays most of its matches at Seddon Park, which is located in the city of Hamilton. All matches played in this venue can be wagered by visiting the betting platform.

That stadium has seen some impressive performances from this team. The squad has won lots of domestic competitions in the country. The aforementioned Plunket Shield is a competition that they have won on multiple occasions. However, other trophies that they have also won are The Ford Trophy and the Men’s Super Smash. Of course, all those competitions are available at the 1xBet online bookmaker.

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