The Longest Lasting Ways Of Removing Hair

Unwanted hair growth can impact a person’s self-image due to the prevailing fashion for hairlessness in some areas of the body.

Over the years, many methods of hair removal have become standardized. These four methods are generally considered to be the most effective ways of removing hair for long periods of time.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is considered to be a semi-permanent way of removing hair from the human body. During this treatment, highly focused beams of light target the hair follicle in order to prevent future growth.

Hair may not grow in the impacted area for several years after laser hair removal has been completed. If it does grow back, it usually appears finer and lighter in color than it was before the procedure.


Electrolysis is another permanent hair removal solution. During an electrolysis procedure, short wave radio frequencies or an electric current are transmitted through tiny needles directly onto the follicles that lie beneath the visible hair on a human body. This destroys the root of the hair and prevents it from growing back. Several sessions are usually necessary before hair removal can be considered permanent.

Despite being relatively invasive for a hair removal procedure, electrolysis is not considered to be especially painful. Some patients may suffer from a rash and small amounts of pain. Only trained electrologists can perform this extremely fiddly procedure.

Prescription Creams

Dermatologists and doctors can prescribe creams containing the chemical eflornithine. Eflornithine targets the enzymes that produce hair. A short regime of these creams should be able to prevent hair growth for around eight weeks. Eflornithine creams only work for facial hair and have been found to be more effective at removing hair on women in comparison to men. D

ermatologists and doctors will often resist prescribing medicine unless there is a valid medical reason for it being used, so this cream is not widely used for purely cosmetic purposes.

Professional Waxing

While waxing at home can have rather patchy results, a professional beauty technician from waxing salons will have the skills necessary to produce an even finish. Waxing is a process that uses an adhesive to pull hair out from the roots.

The results of a professionally completed waxing can last up to eight weeks, depending on the hormonal composition of the recipient and the area of the body that is being waxed. Waxing should not be completed on the eyelids, nipples, genitals, or any area that is recovering from a burn or wound.

Chemical Depilation

Chemical depilation creams can be purchased over the counter – which makes them an appealing prospect for people that want to remove their hair at home. Depilation cream works by breaking down the protein keratin, which is one of the main proteins found in hair.

By targeting this protein, the chemical loosens the hair and allows it to be brushed away. Depilation cream does not permanently get rid of hair. Follicles remain productive after the use of these creams, and hair typically starts growing back within a few weeks.

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