The Complete Guide to Hiring a Photo Booth for a Wedding

As evidenced by the resurgence of styles such as low-rise jeans and brown lip liner, nostalgia is becoming more popular. And a photo booth is the ideal way to relive happy memories.

The majority of people associate photo booths with adolescent activities such as prom or hanging out with friends at the mall. 

It’s a fantastic way to let visitors unwind and enjoy themselves without any obligations or expectations. Furthermore, it is far more relaxed than striking forced poses for a photographer.

You may, however, be skeptical of the value of a photo booth chicago as wedding entertainment. If you Google “photo booth ideas” or “event photo booth rental NYC,” we can assist you.

The significance of timing

Throughout a wedding, the wedding party and guests engage in a never-ending game of giving and receiving. 

The main focus is on the bride and groom’s special day, but guests are also there to party and honor their loved ones.

What is one of the best ways to keep the celebration going? A photo frame! After the bride and groom are married, there is often a time lag between the ceremony and the reception. 

This is especially true if there are two distinct locations.

The couple’s breathtaking photographs have to be shot inside that time frame. 

They are both still dressed elaborately after the ceremony, giving it an excellent moment for the photographer to capture images of them before they change for the reception.

What should the tourists do right now? Depending on the circumstances, the couple’s extended family may or may not be strangers. 

As a result, socializing may be difficult or the drinking may begin earlier than expected.

A photo booth rental chicago is an excellent alternative to awkward mingling as visitors wait for the event’s headliners to return. 

It is often paired with a cocktail hour to enable guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

Photo Booth Concepts

If you want to include a photo booth, here are some ideas! If you want the best images, choose a photo booth rental with a dynamic backdrop. 

A high-quality photo booth rental business will provide a diverse range of themed templates, backdrops, and accessories.

If your wedding has a theme, the photo backdrop can be appropriate. Try some lovely fringe curtains to add definition and color to the photo’s edges. Instead, try a flowery wall.

Consider the color palette while choosing flowers for your wedding. The bride’s bouquet might be complemented by hanging flowers in similar colors or blooms.

Cool removable wallpaper adds an extra level of visual interest to your photographs. Other options include hanging fabric or adding vinyl decals, which are especially useful for covering an empty wall on a budget.

Another great idea is to inquire with the company that provides your photo booth. They will create a custom bundle particularly for you, which typically includes more backdrop options than you could ever think.

After you’ve settled on the style of the background, consider alternative photo booth ideas. Depending on the package you choose, you may be able to add a mirror booth.

Mirror booths are a new way to present your guests with a photo booth experience. Visitors to mirror booths may immediately transfer photographs to their phones with a few swipes on a touchscreen. 

Furthermore, people may quickly share the images on social media, convert hilarious images into gifs, and perform a variety of other things.

Add Some Fun Props

Once you’ve decided to rent a photo booth, the choices are almost limitless. However, it would be advantageous to pick your subject ahead of time.

Would you want a vintage vibe for the booth, or would it be preferable if it matched the overall theme of the wedding? 

Amusing elements may be featured in the photo booth even if they do not coincide with the overall theme of the event.

Think about the photo booth accessories you’d want to employ. If you and your spouse met because you both love music, consider giving your visitors a karaoke microphone or a musical instrument for photographs.

You may also consider topics that are important to both of your families. 

If you and your spouse are both Italian, for example, include artefacts representing Italian culture is a great touch.

You could also use seasonal props. Skulls and witch hats are perennial favorites for autumn weddings, and there are numerous creative ways to personalize these traditional decorations.

Renting a Photo Booth

When looking for the best chicago photo booth rental, make sure to thoroughly evaluate packages. 

It’s also a good idea to coordinate it with your photographer to avoid stepping on their toes and to get their positioning suggestions.

For example, you should place the booth in a busy area. It is pointless to conceal it in a shadowy area. Don’t, however, go too far the other way. Avoid putting it in places where it will obstruct traffic.

Remember that there will most likely be a line of people waiting outside at some point during the evening. Place it somewhere where a queue will not cause havoc.

Set the booth separate from the head table for your photographer’s convenience. As a consequence, their task will become more challenging.

If you’re stuck for photo booth ideas, the rental company will offer some fantastic suggestions based on their experience working with numerous couples!

How much do wedding photo booth rentals cost?

Photo booths are among the most popular and well-known of the various goods available for hiring at your wedding. 

Picture booths are a fun alternative to dancing for you and your guests, and the prints may also be used as party prizes! 

The typical American couple spends between $425 and $1,000 on wedding rentals, with a three-hour photo booth package starting at about $551.

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