The Best Stapler Guns Available on the Market

There are many different types of staple guns available, making it challenging to choose the right ones for use. Before deciding on the staple gun, you take home for your work, ensure you understand the various types available and their functionality. You want a manual staple gun, an electric staple gun, a pneumatic staple gun, a flooring staple gun, or a tack hammer. Therefore, to avoid wrong decisions, you need to have the right information and a list of staple guns that perform the best in the market or the ones that can meet all your needs and expectations. This article lists five best staple guns you can find in the market for your project.

The best staple guns have specific features that enhance their performance; for instance, everyone would need a staple gun that is comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, they are always defined by the size and effort needed to perform.

The following are the best top five staple guns you will need for your work:

1. DEWALT DWHTTR350 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler

For the people looking for the best manual option, Dewalt DWHTTR350 be the best recommendation you need to try. It is a manual stapler that majorly fires normal T50 staples with 18 gauge brads, making everything flexible in your project. Most people prefer using the stapler because it is lightweight and can last for an extended period due to the aluminum metal used for its construction.

In addition, it is made so that it is easier to load in staples and the brads; whenever you find a challenge in loading either of these, you can get instructions to form the manual. It also enables the user to easily see how the staples are going down to ensure that you are doing the right thing on the project.

2. Arrow T50 Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

The Arrow T50 Heavy-Duty Staple Guns have adequate power to enable a DIYer to work on various projects using the same tool. It is made from steel, a very robust metal that enables sit to serve you for the longest time possible as it is rust-resistant. It majorly shoots its own brand T50 staples, and therefore, it can be used to staple house wrap, signage, upholster, among many other projects.

When tested, it showed that the power level is decent of power; it does perfect even though it does not come top on the list.

3. DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-Tacker and Brad Nailer

This is the main electric staple gun in this list; it is manufactured so that it can easily fire various sizes and types of fasteners, among them the T50s and brad nails. Its features include a rubber grip for comfort, a switch for safety, and a power regulator to manage the hard and softwoods. It is among the best choices for homeowners due to its ability to switch between the staples and brads; this makes it able to take the place of several tools.

4. Bostitch 18-Gauge Crown Stapler

If you have a DIY project that needs you to switch on and off for work effectiveness, then this is what you need. It is a pneumatic gun made with a tool-free depth adjustment, a comfortable grip, and a switch that makes one change from sequential firing to contact firing quickly. In addition, they are availed with a carrying case that enhances their safety when at rest; also, they have a universal belt clip to be affixed on any side of the stapler

5. Senco – 3 L0003N SNS41 16-Gauge Construction Stapler

Lastly, we have the Senco – 3 L0003N SNS41 16-Gauge Construction Stapler. It is a pro-grade model that can easily stand by itself in construction. It can fire up to 2 inches staples, equipped with a well-molded rubber grip that provides comfort to the user and an adjustable exhaust port. It is easy to use in plywood and other construction projects.


Finding the best stapler gun can be challenging if you have options and their unique feature to meet your needs. Therefore, research is important to help you evaluate your options; the list above can help you determine the best staple gun.

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