Teachers’ Guide to Helping Kids and Students Learn How to Use Their DreamBox for At-home Crafts!

With student learning taking place from home more often, teachers are looking for ways to continue educating students effectively.

One tool recommended for at-home use is the DreamBox, a portable craft storage solution. Teachers can easily guide students through classroom arts and crafts when students have these systems available to them at home.

Given the convenience of DreamBox and its benefits for students and teachers, this article offers a guide for teachers and learn more about how to best explain to students how to use their DreamBox for classroom artistic engagement.

Get Students Excited about DreamBox

Younger students naturally lack the same discipline for artistic endeavors as their older counterparts. For this reason, teachers must do all they can to show that art can be a rewarding experience. Teachers can pique interest by introducing DreamBox as a leadership opportunity. Tell students that they are in the driver’s seat and can decide where they want their paper, crayons, and other art materials to go. Encouraging students to act on their own ideas facilitates independence and makes it easier for them to find items during teacher-led activities.

Walk Students through a DreamBox craft

Show students an example of a DreamBox craft you’ll be competing for. Introduce the materials they will need and allow each student to select the items from their DreamBox. Once everyone is ready, follow the step-by-step instructions for the DreamBox craft, and read these aloud. Be careful not to move on until everyone in the class is ready. Continue this process until the DreamBox craft is finished and encourage students to tape their finished project to their DreamBox for display. Remind students to put their materials back in their correct places. To help students feel more comfortable using their DreamBox, have a discussion about the best places to store materials. You can start by asking students, “Where do you think we should store our pencils?” See what answers students come up with and offer additional suggestions. Teachers should help students become familiar with their DreamBox so that it eventually becomes a personalized and easy-to-use creative system for the next DreamBox craft they complete.

Foster Student Independence

Kids don’t like to be told what to do. As young students, being told what to do comes with the territory, and they know it! You can encourage students to get more enjoyment from DreamBox by reminding them how independent they get to be with how they use it. Tell students that they get to decide where supplies go, what kind of organization container to use, etc. You can suggest that they color-code tissue paper or organize supplies in rainbow order. Come up with creative ideas that leave students feeling in charge. You will motivate their learning and foster their independence.

The Bottom Line

As the world adjusts to a newnormal, students are following teacher-led instructions from home more often than in the classroom setting. Teachers can make the most of these changes by embracing DreamBox and introducing it as a means to enhance student creativity.

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