Short Term Rental Apartments in Romania

Reasons to rent an apartment on vacation

Booking an apartment on vacation can be cheaper than staying in a hotel. In addition, saving allows us to dedicate the remaining money to better enjoy the destination we visit. Every day it is more fashionable to be autonomous and organize our own vacations. For that, the Internet has been a true revolution and, if it has taught us anything, it has been to save. Renting apartments like the ones offered by in its section specializing in vacations, rural houses and even luxury chalets to spend our days off has been possible since tourism was invented, but now it is experiencing its moment of glory with new technologies.

And it is that renting that accommodation that we have wanted all our lives and that, for one reason or another, we have not yet been able to buy, means that in a certain way we fulfill that dream and enjoy it in the present. There is plenty to choose from: apartments, houses, bungalows, villas, rural regim hotelier bucuresti, hostels… from a mansion on the beach to an English cottage, passing through a country house and not forgetting a charming studio in Paris. On the other hand, private accommodation allows us a much greater degree of freedom than, for example, a hotel. This is not to mention those vacations we spend at the house of friends or relatives, where freedom is reduced to zero and, on many occasions, the days that should be the best of the year turn into a nightmare. To enjoy a good vacation, nothing likes privacy and freedom of movement.

Another reason, very important in these times, is saving and that is that the average cost in tourist accommodation is 52.2 euros per night, compared to 78 euros per night in other establishments. In other words, it is clear that renting a house and spending a few days there with the whole family, for a fixed price, instead of paying a price for each member of the family is cheaper. Unless the hotel has one star, is in an industrial estate, 2 km from the city and lacks public transport… not being the case… our option will be cheaper.

In addition, if we rent our own apartment we can also save on meals , buying the products in the local market (all fresh, typical and delicious) to prepare it as we like and eat it at the time we choose, because who hasn’t breakfast at 12 in the morning while on vacation? And that saving can also allow us to enjoy the best restaurants in the city, instead of having to settle for a mediocre type, menu of the day, for all the vacations. They are all advantages. The best thing is that every day there are more portals that make it easier for the traveler to contact the owners of the vacation rentals. But be careful, because there is a lot of information and not all of it is reliable. That is why it is essential to select companies with a wide network of properties, a secure payment policy, and above all, a long history and recognition in the sector. Trust is the best way to avoid fraud.

Save money

Renting an apartment can save you a lot of money and be much more profitable. With a house, you could split the costs with your family and friends, with a better price compared to garsoniere in regim hotelier bucuresti. Also, you will be able to save more money by having a fully equipped kitchen (which most properties have), having the possibility to cook your meals at home.  

Live like a native

Staying in a cazare in regim hotelier bucuresti, you will always feel like a tourist. The best part, while traveling or visiting a new place, is living like a local. Renting a house will give you the opportunity to meet the owners of the house, who can share with you tips on the best places to eat, what to visit, or simply the best activities to try

Kitchen in the apartment 

All apartments have a separate kitchen or kitchenette. In addition, the kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and accessories. Although many people think only of avoiding the kitchen during the holidays, the possibility of using their own kitchen can be extremely practical, especially if our holidays by the sea last more than a weekend. You are not limited to a specific restaurant menu or service times. You can brew your morning coffee yourself anytime instead of running around town looking for a good coffee. In addition, preparing meals by you is a considerable saving. Having your own kitchen comes in handy, especially if you’re traveling with kids or need to follow a diet.

Less equipment space

The apartment has everything we need daily. It is not necessary to bring your own iron, kettle, toaster, radio or refrigerator. Take the most basic personal items with you, move in and enjoy your vacation. On the website, thanks to the filters available on the catalog page, you can choose the apartment according to your needs.

An ideal holiday destination for families and children 

Holiday apartments are very often rented by families with children precisely to benefit from greater freedom, the possibility of using the kitchen, and access to a much larger space.

Price of the stay 

Renting an apartment is by far the most economical solution. The offers different types of apartments, thanks to which it is easy to adapt the choice of accommodation to our budget. In addition, additional services such as bed linen and final cleaning are paid separately. The price without supplements is much more advantageous. Such a solution lets us decide whether we want a comfortable or economical vacation.

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