SEO – Important Factors

By today, most of know what SEO is and how companies about improving their pages through SEO to gain more traction. But what are the exact factors that are implemented to obtain the required result. If you are thinking there are only some factors, then you are wrong. There are so many factors ranging from page code to backlinks that work to make a website better. All these important factors can be difficult to handle and measure. SEO professionals as Activeseoshield can help you select the factors, work on them and provide results at the end of a campaign. Let us discuss some of the factors involved.

Keyword research and targeting

This is the basic step in search engine optimization. You need to know what terms people are searching for related to your domain. So, for finalising keywords, you need to understand your target audience and what they require from you and how you can reach out to them. There are many keyword finder tools available online and you can take help of them. After you’ve spent time researching how your target audience speak and scan, looking at the keywords that drive traffic to your rivals and related pages, and looking at the keywords that drive traffic towards your own site, you have to find out which keywords you may be able to promote for and what the best chances are. 

On page optimization

One the list of required keywords is ready, you need to fit those keywords into your site content efficiently. There is a basic way to go about. Each page on your website should target specific keyword and other terms individually. One of the most important place for keywords is title tag. It is what you see at very top cornet of your search browser. Generally, title tag is kept small so it is easily readable. Other part would be meta descriptions of your age. You can see them as descriptions below the tile on search results. These should be attractive as users read them and then decide to click the link. On page, the content should be mix of text, pictures and infographics otherwise it may bore the readers and they might shift to other site. 

Content marketing

With time, there are many links created and with that it increases risks of bad links. Google also is evolving and it has learnt to identify the real ones from the fake ones. So, one needs to create these links carefully as it may impact the ranking of the website. Apart from that, one should work to create sustainable and useful content so that when discovered will attract more traffic to the website and increase its reach. Before creating the content, think about who will be the target audience, how the content will be shared, who will be able to share it further and why would they share it? All these questions when answered would help in better understanding and implementation of content marketing strategies and overall SEO as required.

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