Practical Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Sleeping is a natural process that is integral in maintaining good health. Having enough sleep every night will support optimum brain function, improve physical performance and positively affect mood including emotions. These are just a few advantages of having quality sleep but unfortunately many individuals are struggling to have the correct amount and quality of sleep. Good thing there are simple ways that you can do to help you sleep better.

Lessen screen time at night and increase exposure to bright lights during the day. Exposure to lights have direct impact on your sleep-wake cycle. Our internal body clock works by signaling the brain when it’s time to be active and when to slow down for sleep. Exposure to bright lights during day helps keep our circadian rhythm healthy. Meanwhile, excessive exposure to blue light which is emitted by electronic devices such as TV, computer, mobile phone, tablet and even fluorescent lighting can fool the brain into thinking that is still day time. Blue light exposure suppresses the production of melatonin which is a hormone responsible for sleep.

Set a schedule for sleep. This will entail commitment and the discipline to be on bed at the designated time. Sleep experts recommend a 7 to 8 hour of sleep every night for adults. Set an exact time for sleep and religiously commit to this even on weekends or holidays.

Be cautious of your food and beverage intake. Avoid eating high caloric and sugary foods since it will take some time for the body to process and digest these food types. Skip drinking coffee or any caffeinated beverages in the late afternoon. Caffeine is a strong stimulant and it will take 5 to 6 hours for the body to metabolize just half of it which the other half of your caffeine consumption will still remain in your system during your bed time.

Invest on a good mattress and sheets. If you complain of tossing and turning at night and wake up feeling tired better check your mattress and sheets if they are still in good condition. They should provide you good body support while making you comfortable as you sleep. Consider also the correct firmness of your mattress that will suit your body type. Invest on OEKO-TEX sheets to make sure you get really good-quality ones.

Fix your bedroom. You don’t need to spend much in creating the perfect sleep ambiance in your bedroom. Simple adjustments in your bedroom such as making it darker, cooler and clutter free make a huge difference in your sleep experience. Make sure you don’t bring any work or any form of entertainment inside your bedroom to avoid distracting your brain from preparing to rest.

Working towards having a better-quality sleep just needs a few regular habits and self-discipline. Just bear in mind that sleep is fundamental in having a healthy body and mind. Not having enough sleep may lead to a more serious problem and we don’t want that to happen. So don’t wait till you experience the negative effects of sleep, act now towards having the sleep that your whole system needs to perform best every day.

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