Motion Graphics Animation Services: Freelancers vs Studios

Project managers are curious about the pricing of outsourcing motion graphics animation. And, the debate never ends on whether one should hire freelancers or reach out to a dedicated animation studio.


Throughout 2022, motion graphics service remained in high demand. And, brands are only getting more excited about it in 2023.

To help you gain a better sense of comparison between freelancers and motion graphic studios, this guide will;

  • Compare freelancers and motion graphics studios (which is better?)
  • Enlist key factors that determine prices
  • Share another option (for a low budget)
  • Give complete answers to FAQs on motion graphics

So, let’s dive right in.

Cost of hiring Freelance motion graphics designer

Freelancers are one level above animation software or online premium AI tools at your disposal. You can have a freelancer motion graphics designer onboard to manage your project.

Know that the rates may vary for several actors. These may be location, skills, experience as well as market conditions.

Let’s say you want to land a project with a freelancer during the peak season, then the rights may be slightly higher than what we mention here. Moreover, if you got a professional designer onboard, then they’ll charge a higher price.

However, the higher fees would equate to a quality experience, specialized knowledge of multiple areas, and timely delivery.

On the other hand, most freelance platforms have digital agencies pitching you for your jobs. Since these have multiple freelancers under their umbrella, their rates can be much more competitive.

However, their goal is to improve numbers and scale up. So, they aim to do as many projects as possible.

Here are the freelancer rates. We’ve included the recently updated rates from the top freelancing platform, Upwork.

  • Beginners may charge you $28 per hour
  • Intermediate motion graphics freelancers may charge you $58 per hour
  • Advanced freelancers may charge $325 per hour

Now, the decision to pick which one from the above, will depend upon the specific needs of your project.

Cost of hiring a motion graphics studio

In comparison to freelancers, you also have the option of hiring a fufull-fledgedotion graphics studio to work on your project.

Depending upon your specific needs, especially when the project is complex and you need professionals with a keen eye for detailing and a creative spark to tell awe-inspiring visual stories, then you would need to opt for a motion graphics studio.

Most people mistake a motion graphics company for being pricey. But, that’s a misconception. It’s not true. Before we discuss the price, it’s worth knowing what a motion graphics studio will bring to the table.

They have a team of experienced professionals who want to constantly hone their game. Under the umbrella of a motion graphics studio, you get;

  • Scriptwriter
  • Visual storywriter
  • Motion graphics designer
  • 2D & 3D animators
  • Storyboard artists
  • Voiceover artist

In addition to the above, some motion graphics studios may also guide you a good deal on brand messaging. That can come in handy to launch your campaign and make the most out of it.

And, most studios will quote a package. So that you don’t feel the burden of price. Most motion graphic studios may charge you a starting price of $2000 – $5000 per minute, depending upon the needs of your project.

Apart from the price, a motion graphics studio offers you a range of professionals in a single package. If you opted to hire a freelancer for motion graphics, you would need a separate voiceover artist and scriptwriter too.

Imagine paying separately for the two, and staying up the night pairing the script, visuals, and voiceover on your own. A studio will save you from the hurdle.

And, for the pricing part, let’s say you hired a professional freelancer. Now, most freelancers charge you an hourly rate. So, you would be paying them for the number of hours worked on the project.

Frankly speaking, you won’t save a good load of money when opting for a freelancer, assuming you’ve to produce the video and manage the entire project, end-to-end by yourself.

In that case, the deal may not pan out in your favor. And, we’re not being biased about freelancers. It’s just that working with a studio would save you from the painful hurdles you will face when looking after your project.

With a fair and honest comparison in front of you, we would leave it totally to you to decide.

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. Above, we covered four key drivers of price for motion graphics animation services.

Next, we did a fair and honest comparison of the cost of hiring freelancers or motion graphics studios for your project. Choosing between the two would entirely depend upon the scope of your project.

If you have a measly budget, you can always opt for free or paid tools, as mentioned above. It is so since quality freelancers are pricey and studios are always looking for projects with a large scope.


How much does a 30-second motion graphics video cost?

The pricing would entirely depend upon the scope of your project. A 30-second motion graphics video can cost you anywhere between $1500-$2000.

How much does a 1-minute motion graphics video cost?

In the absence of 3D elements, the price can be between $2000 and $3500 per 60 seconds. However, if you choose to include 3D characters or more trendy animations, then the price may push up to $4500 per 60 seconds.

Online video and animation software

If you’re on a really tight budget, or just want basic motion graphic animations, then this option might be for you.

Such animation software is available online. You can give these a try if you just want basic animations. Know that you won’t have a lot of options to customize the work these AI-based software produce.

For one, these are in their infancy. Two, AI lacks a sense of empathy. Though it’s evolving, it can hardly edge off specialized designers.

Anyway, here are some pros and cons of animation software.


  • Low cost ($50 – $500) dollars
  • Motion graphics animation templates


  • No scriptwriting
  • No customization
  • Low scope for creative storytelling

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