Insight Instagram – How to Inspire People and Get More Followers

Instagram, this charming mix of social media and photo albums is growing and growing. But the bigger the platform gets, the harder it is not only for you to gain new followers. You can find out here how you can still get new followers with an authentic picture, a good story, and a little effort. Read the article to know about como obter curtidas no Instagram and followers?

Instagram, an overview

Before we go into detail, first of all, a small inventory you certainly know what Instagram is. Instagram is now one of the most successful social media platforms and it is hard to imagine life without it. Photos are primarily shared, but also videos that can be edited with filters and addressed with #hashtags. Everything you post is shown in a feed on your profile page. Relevant content from other users whose accounts you follow is displayed in a news feed. And then there are these stories. As a relatively new part of Instagram, this short-lived snapshot application competes and expands on Snapchat Instagram in a whole new direction but more on that later. First of all, let’s take a look at how you can get new followers and keep existing ones.

You get an Instagram followers free and don’t buy it

First things first of course, you could buy followers. But that will at most bring you better values ​​in the short term, but you pay with your good image and, last but not least, you can also deal with legal problems. It is much better if your Instagram profile grows organically. That means you get more and more followers the natural way. This works best when your profile has a clear line, you operate in a narrowly defined niche, and post consistently. Getinsta app is providing free likes so must take advantages from this. Read the entire article for further details.

Your Instagram profile

The first thing you put on when you log into Instagram is your profile. It is important that you maintain a uniform appearance. Do you already have a Facebook profile or are you on Twitter? You should be recognized by your profile picture. Use a meaningful profile picture for your accounts that reflects your personality or use your company logo.

Always remember, you want to get followers. Especially if you are not only on Instagram, potential prospects will search for you with your name or the name of your company. So try to use the same name under which you are also active. 

Also, try to remember that your website should be listed in your Instagram profile and that you also link to current blog posts or new products. In your profile, you can also tell what the visitor can expect from your profile. With a location and special hashtags, you give your Instagram profile a clear direction right from the start.

Your Instagram feed

The first thing a user sees when they open your profile is your own feed. So which pictures and videos do you post? If you like your feed, you have probably gained a new follower. But what can you do to ensure that your target group likes your feed?

First of all, you need to be clear about who your target audience is again. Who do you want to address with your posts and what do they like. You can also collect inspiration for this from other profiles with the same target group. There are five points that you should definitely keep in mind.

A clear mood

Try to use a uniform world of images for your Instagram posts. If you mainly want to post content that has to do with makeup and should appeal to young women, pastel tones, pink, and brightness would be constants that you should take up in all posts.

Best app for free Instagram service

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Variety through a clear structure

Sooner or later, only pictures of the same thing bore everyone. Think of a handful of topics that are related and fit your goals. When you post pictures, always remember to pick up on each of the subject areas from time to time. Your Instagram feed looks varied but retains a clear structure.

Fewer filters are more

Of course, Instagram offers you a wealth of filters. And since you can edit your pictures with other programs, you have even more filters available. In the Instagram feed, however, all your posts are next to each other. In the first point, we have already agreed on a basic mood. But if you put a different filter over each picture, you can quickly lose this positive overall impression and your feed looks chaotic. It is, therefore, best to think in advance which filters you want to use and how your images should be processed.

View your feed as a whole

If you’re not sure whether a new picture will fit in your Instagram feed, take a look at your last post and the third to last post. These two pictures will frame your new one (one below, one next to it) and its effect in the feed.

Quality over quantity

Nobody wants to look at blurred and pixelated images. They don’t attract anyone to your profile and they certainly don’t improve the impression your Instagram feed should give. So pay particular attention to the quality of your pictures!

As important as it is that your posts result in a consistent picture, it will not do you any good if your profile is drowned in the mass of the same, slightly overexposed Instagram zombies because if your profile is just one of many, you won’t get more followers. Find your own line, be authentic, pay attention to your target group and try to avoid the common clicks.

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