India Gate Fresh Chakki Atta: What’s So Special About It?

The kind of food we eat defines a majority of the kind of life we lead and will lead in the coming years. It is extremely important to keep your diet filled with items that are healthy and nutritious in nature, in addition to it being tasty.

India Gate, the Fresh Chakki Atta manufacturer and supplier in India takes care of all your basic needs, which include, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of the products.

India Gate’s Fresh Chakki Atta does just that. India Gate is a leading name in the Agro-products industry, ensuring only top quality and fresh products making it the best atta brand all over the country.

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes the India Gate Fresh Chakki Atta so special by understanding the making of wheat flour in India, as well as India Gate’s process.

Table of Contents:

  • How is wheat flour made in India?
  • How does India Gate manufacture their Fresh Chakki Atta?
  • Why choose India Gate?
  • Conclusion

How is wheat flour made in India?

The wheat made in India belongs to the aestivum variety which is known for its extremely high protein content. This is utilized in order to make high-quality bread in different countries all over the world. It is widely believed across the world that the Indian wheat flour has no comparison with flours from the rest of the world, which is owed particularly to the unique milling process of Indian wheat flour manufacturers.

From the very beginning of when atta used to be made, and even now, it is widely ground in stone mills, popularly known as a chakki. It is a fairly simple process and an extremely easy device to use, made out of a pair of stones. While one stone remains stationary, the other is rotated along an axle. Although, the modern mills, now, work on electricity.

The stone mills create a significantly high amount of heat in this process owing to the friction of the stones rubbing against each other. This heat then leads to a process which is known in the whole wheat flour industry as starch damage. It allows the starch to break down sufficiently enough to release an especially extra sweetness found in wheat flour products such as chapatis, rotis, etc.

This wheat flour has to be milled finely for it to finally form an edible form of Atta. As the roller mills give rise to more and more heat than normal mills tend to, they are able to cut the flour into much finer particles – ensuring the finest in quality.

How does India Gate manufacture their Fresh Chakki Atta?

India Gate uses a large variety of equipment and conducts proper analysis to grade your flour and supply it in the form of the most premium quality wheat flour products.

Listed below is a step-by-step process for creating the most finely graded whole wheat flour or popularly termed as ‘Fresh Chakki Atta.’

  1. Once the whole wheat flour is received at the mill, tests are conducted for the amount of protein content present in the flour via a chemical and physical analysis of the same.
  2. The whole wheat flour is then checked or reviewed for ash that might have been left behind while burning.
  3. During every stage of the purification, and processing, it is the responsibility of the quality management officers at the mill along with the millers to take samples of the flour regularly, to check for quality and consistency of the flour.
  4. Each and every milling machinery and equipment is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized with the use of antibacterial and antifungal agents.
  5. Furthermore, the final product prepared undergoes a minerals test, a vitamins test, and finally a cooking test, in order to comply with the statutory requirements and standards as stated by the government.

India Gate diligently observes its manufacturing process, quality, and customer delivery to ensure that only the best quality of products reaches the homes of its customer base. Customer satisfaction and trust is their biggest reward.

Why choose India Gate?

India Gate as a brand believes in building trust by only providing the most premium quality products in order to form and maintain effective long-term business relationships with all their current and potential clients and customers.

The one thing that you can depend on with India Gate is for all your wheat related needs, owing to the following qualities that they as a brand ensure are met:

  • Quality:

India Gate’s fresh quality always supersedes the high standards of quality set by the government, be it for whole wheat flour, or any other related product that they deal in. All employees are extremely quality sensitive, right from the process of manufacturing to the stage of delivery of the final, finished products.

  • Automated Equipment:

India Gate ensures to use the latest technology available in order to make certain that the product quality being delivered is up to date. The process of automation in the machinery and equipment has been a great helping hand for the brand to achieve quality, precision, efficiency, and boosted production capability of the products in question.

  • Roaster of Exceptional Clients:

India Gate has won the trust and confidence of the most renowned industry giants as clients. A large majority of brands get their supply from India Gate, some clients include,  Leela Hotel, Frontier, Oberoi Hotel, Taj Hotel, Roseate, as well as Crowne Plaza and more.

  • Growing Player in the Market:

The company’s long standing strong values and beliefs have helped build a foundation of well planned strategies and unwavering commitment and ethics, all making India Gate a trusted brand, as well as one of the fastest growing enterprises in India.


From a country with rich cultural heritage, all good food resembles the flavour and history brought forward by its tradition. With all natural ingredients, India Gate ensures that only the Freshest Chakki Atta is delivered to homes all over India making it healthier for over 40 years, using only the finest quality of ingredients, to boost the taste of your meals.

With an exceptionally diverse range of whole wheat flours, India Gate has stood by the test of time and delivered the absolute best to all their customers.

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