How Do You Prepare for Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery has gained immense worth in recent times. It’s not as easy a procedure as it looks. You have to accomplish certain formalities and practices before the task. The first is the surgeon’s consultation about the facelift and other things. If you have chosen the best Facelift surgeon in India for your treatment, you have completed almost half of the duty. The rest starts with proper consultation and procedures.

Prepare yourself for the Medical history Exam.

Any specialized surgeon goes for the history taking before starting any surgical procedure. So, you must prepare yourself for the appropriate answers about the previous plastic surgeries, medical conditions, and drug histories, like if you have been an alcohol consumer or smoker. And do not forget to bring your previous medical records with you because the surgeon gets the idea about your health condition and then designs the diagnostic and treatment plan for you.

Preparation for Medical Review

You are obliged to give the whole record of the medications you have been taking. You must tell your doctor the exact dosages of the drugs you have been taking, including prescription drugs, herbal medicines, vitamins, prescription drugs, and dietary supplements.

Make yourself up for the Facial Exam

During the facial examination, the surgeon might take photos of your face from different directions and some close-up pictures of certain features. He can also determine the shape of your face, bone fracture, and appropriate fat distribution, which can help him greatly while preparing the treatment plan.

Build-in Expectations

Ideally, you have to build in some realistic expectations before the treatment, which can help you refine the treatment results later on. The surgeon will ask you about your expectations, and you will have to answer them well. He will guide you about certain essential features, how the Facelift surgery will help you maintain your look, and what it can’t like in the treatment of the fine wrinkles. But if you have proper expectations regarding the treatment, you can negotiate those with the surgeon and get the best-designed plan.

From where can you get the treatment?

If you are looking for the best hospital for Facelift surgery, you can pick Lilavati hospital, located in Mumbai, working under an experienced and well-trained staff. Dr. Siddharth Prakash is the best Facelift surgeon in Mumbai, doing successful Facelift surgeries for a long time. You can get the appointment done and enjoy your dream face even today.


Facelift surgery aims to maintain adequate fat distribution in the skin, maintain its elasticity, and remove sagging. It regulates the proper face structure and tightens its tissues, ensuring a youthful, fresher, and smarter look. However, you can’t expect these changes immediately after the treatment, which takes time. There may be some apparent signs of incision in some weeks, so you can style your hair in a way that hides them. You can skip attending social events for about two months after the surgery because the skin can only get back to normal during this span.

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