How Can You Fix Your Old Phone and Avoid Buying a New One

Cell phones have rapidly become a significant aspect of most people’s everyday routines. It’s not easy to hold off on getting a new phone whenever there’s a new model out. May you need a new phone when your old one is broken or no longer work old phone keypad. However, imagine if you could revive your old phone and use it as if it were brand new. If you want to avoid spending money on a new phone, here are several options for fixing your old phone that has slowed down.

How to fix your old phone

You may save both time and money by reusing an old phone. Moreover, it aids in preventing the negative environmental effects of e-waste and the associated carbon emission. In a fortunate turn of events, however, your broken smartphone may be fixed easily and put to good use again. What follows is more reading.

1.   Ensure Your Phone’s Software And Apps Are Up To Date

Your first step should be to install the most recent software update for your phone. By keeping your device up to date, you can be certain that you have access to any improvements or security updates. OTA updates often include both bug fixes and performance enhancements. Update your phone and use it as a CCTV camera without the internet.

How to Check for iOS Updates:

  • Get into the Android’s configurations by tapping the menu button.
  • Go to Settings/General.
  • After that, choose to Check for Updates to Software.
  • If an update is available for your iPhone, it will be shown automatically.

How to Check for Android Updates:

  • Get into the Android’s configurations by tapping the menu button.
  • Select System after a brief scroll (or check About device).
  • To see any updates available, go to Settings > System Update.

Some software upgrades have been known to decrease the quality of the camera or the phone’s performance or to introduce new issues. Check internet reviews to see how other people fared after installing an update. After installing a problematic OTA, you may revert to the previous version by utilizing flashing tools (if they exist) or contacting the manufacturer for assistance.

2. Reset to Default Settings

Over time, your phone’s performance may suffer due to accumulated unused, cached, and resource-hogging applications. We’ve seen multiple phones, including Pixel and OnePlus, exhibit latency or strange behavior after software upgrades have gone wrong.

The slowness, bugs, and other associated problems on your old phone may be resolved by conducting a complete factory data reset, but backing up and restoring vital data might be a nuisance. Follow these steps to factory reset your iPhone or Android device.

Resetting Your iPhone:

  • To adjust the iPhone’s settings, open the Device menu.
  • Go to Settings/General.
  • Then, choose either Reset All Content and Settings or Transfer Your iPhone.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts after selecting Erase All Content and Settings.

How to Reset an Android Phone:

  • Get into the Android’s configurations by tapping the menu button.
  • Choose System > Reset Options from the drop-down menu.
  • To permanently delete all of your data, choose that option and then follow the on-screen instructions.

When you do a factory reset, all your data, including pictures, videos, contacts, messages, documents, and other files, will be erased along with your downloaded applications. If you have any crucial information, please back it up first.

3. Clear Unnecessary Apps and Files

The applications you have loaded on your phone will use up many of your phone’s resources, such as memory and processing speed, in the background. You should delete the programs you aren’t using now.

Also, remove any unnecessary huge files like movies, folders, documents, or previous downloads. Using Files by Google on an Android device, you may quickly uninstall unneeded programs and make space.

In most cases, the media files—especially pictures and videos—occupy the most space. To free up space for applications and other data, you may back up images online to iCloud or Google Photos and remove them from the phone’s local storage.

Google no longer supports limitless free high-quality picture backups, and doing so would eat through your 15GB storage limit. These free services are great alternatives to Google Images if you need to save a lot of photos. These facilities are unavailable for phones without internet.

4. Clean the Earpiece, Speaker, and Other Ports

With continued usage, dust may settle inside your phone’s earpiece, speaker, and other ports. In addition, those who live or work in very dusty environments have complained that dust gets into the camera module.

You might try cleaning the earpiece or speaker with a gentle brush if you think the sound quality has diminished. It’s possible to get the same results using only a few software tricks. We’ve discussed a variety of techniques for bettering speaker sound.

If you want to have the phone’s insides professionally cleaned, you may contact the authorized service facility for the manufacturer.

5. Remap or Repair Damaged Volume or Power Buttons

Cell phones’ volume and power buttons are notorious for breaking or becoming stuck often. You can assign the other functions to other keys if just one button malfunctions. Otherwise, please take it to a store that the manufacturer officially recognizes to get the buttons repaired.

Your Android device’s Power button may be broken; if so, you may still turn it on by following our instructions. You may try a few workarounds if the volume buttons on your Android device aren’t working.


How to recover my old phone number?

Get in touch with your carrier. Calling the Community Phone service and inquiring as to whether or not your last number is still active after being assigned to someone else is your best bet.

How to unpair an apple watch from old phone?

  1. If you’re unpairing your Apple Watch and iPhone, do it while holding both devices nearby.
  2. Get out your iPhone and launch the Apple Watch app.
  3. Select All Watches under the “My Watch” menu.
  4. To stop pairing a watch, select it and tap the “Info” button.
  5. Select the Apple Watch pairing option and tap Unpair.

How do I transfer everything from my old phone to my new phone?

  1. Toggle on your brand-new gadget.
  2. Choose the Start button.
  3. Connect to a Wi-Fi network when prompted to do so.
  4. You may choose to transfer your data and applications from your previous smartphone. You should follow the on-screen directions to copy your data if you have a cable to connect your devices. Make sure your messages, pictures, and videos are all in order.


Finally, you may alter the phone’s appearance by taking easy steps like installing a new case, skinning it, removing the screen protector, and switching out the wallpaper. All of these enhancements will offer the gadget a new and exciting vibe. This is what I do to avoid constantly switching phones since I grow tired of them so soon.

This article was about fixing your old phone, so you don’t have to shell out for a new one. You might save money and get the most out of your existing gadget if you do this.

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