Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Beginners Guide and Play it on PC

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the third installment from the Grand Theft Auto 3D era. This game was released back in 2004 but it is still popular in the gaming community due to its incredible storyline and vast open-world map. It brings back nostalgic memories for many players. The game is the mobile version of the Classic Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This game was made available to mobile devices back in December 2013. In this article, we will show you all the basic details and guidelines to play GTA San Andreas mobile version on your Android devices as well as the information on the required device space.

This game is not available for free on Google Play Store but instead, it is available at a reasonable price. You can follow these steps to download GTA San Andreas on your android devices. Open Google Play Store and search for GTA San Andreas. After that, you click on the purchase option and make a successful payment. Now it will be available for you to install after the download and installation you can open and enjoy playing GTA San Andreas.

Indulge in piracy as it is a serious offense. Players are advised to download the game from official sources to help the developers.


In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, the storyline revolves around the character name Carl Johnson also known as CJ. Carl Johnson is here to investigate the murder of his mother and his family has fallen apart. This massive game covers the entire state of San Andreas with visits to the three major cities. Los Santos is filled with violence and corruption, midnight Wonderland crawling with money, sex, and corruption. These three cities will keep you entertained for months but the company Rock star games did enough to entertain you through this whole journey by adding chunks of the countryside that link all the areas together. The map is massive and you can take full advantage of the open-world environment. It is fitted with massive landscapes. Apart from missions, there are tons of vehicles, weapons, and all kinds of new stuff that you can do. Stuff like recruiting gang members, swimming, getting tattoos, building the property, writing bikes getting a haircut, and attracting the ladies, or much more.

There are many cheats available on the internet like infinite health and Ammo or weapon sets and cars. There are 70 different unique jumps and different locations where you can find horseshoes or oysters. There are 50 horseshoes to be found across the map and uncover all 100 tags that have been hidden around San Andreas. There are overall 50 oysters.

If you had your hands on the previous GTA offerings, then San Andreas is possibly the largest control game ever made. This is sure that San Andreas is three times larger than the vice city with enough core machines to keep you busy for dozens of hours. Newcomers may find it too hard to cope with gigantic missions. This article is dedicated to helping newbies to understand the basic guideline and skills of this game. As you will succeed through this game you will come across to steal countless numbers of vehicles as you become more of a big shot and start earning money you will want to purchase some real estate in various places around the map. In addition to the mission, there is tons of stuff to find along the countryside throughout the three cities. For starters, there are hundred gang signs that you will need to tag over. When you say Grand Theft Auto the one thing that comes to your mind is to jack someone else’s car and take it on a joy ride of your own. To do that all you need to do is to stop in front of any car and hijack it. Once you Jack a car, you can get out of the area quickly. Some will come after you to take back what’s there. Avoid jacking a car when a cop is around. Once a police officer will see you your wanted level will automatically rise.

San Andreas on PC:

All this game was made for the mobile version but you still can play it on your PC by using  powerful Android Emulator. For that, we will suggest you download LDPlayer. Here are some of the features that you will love about LDPlayer.

  • The interface of this emulator is very simple. The main screen has common elements and applications that are distributed across the desktop.
  • Along with Google Play Store, LDPlayer also has its Play Store.
  • The sidebar of action is simple and allows you to access different system functions like screen orientation or screenshot, raise and lower the volume of the Android sound, uninstall or install any APK file.
  • The menu is easy to be accessed
  • Even if you have a low-end PC, you can still play almost any game or can use any app on PC.


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mobile version is a spinoff of classic GTA San Andreas. You can play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC for free on LDPlayer with zero Hustle. It is a fun, private, interactive, and easy way to install nearly any app on your desktop.

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