Find 5 S’s of Wine Tasting: 21 Questions to Ask At Expert Events

Drinking wine is an art, etiquette, charm, pleasure, and unbeatable experience that only true wine lovers can understand. And, when done right, it also becomes a fun yet exquisite feeling. However, it shouldn’t be intimidating or intriguing. We agree all those fancy descriptive wine tasting experiences we read are quite overpowering. But, all there is to this are the famous yet not-so-popular 5 S’s of wine tasting.

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Yes! Buy wine online is not enough anymore. You must know the rules and principles there are for a fine wine tasting. Heck, you might also want to know the basic questions to ask on an expert event not to make a fool out of yourself. But, of course, we don’t want that. How embarrassing would it be, right? So, now, without wasting any more time, let’s get right into a new but simple world of wine tasting in an expert way.

5 S’s of Wine Tasting For a Pleasurable Experience

Wine tasting can be a crucial thing or not so important at all. It really depends on how you drink. But, if you really want to know more about your wine to have a sheer pleasure, here are the 5 S’s of wine tasting to help you out:

5 S’s Do’s Don’ts
Sight Observe the color, hue, and intensity of the wine Tilt the glass above 45°
Swirl  Slightly move the glass in a circular motion Overdo it; causing the wine to spill around
Sip  Taste the wine by keeping it in the mouth for a little Slurping too loud is rude and inappropriate
Sniff Smell the aroma and flavor  Stick your nose into the glass
Savor Swallow and evaluate your experience If it’s not as per your liking, spitting it out

Knowing all the basics to make your wine tasting experience less intimidating and more fun is all that matters to have the best time. And Martha Stewart’s research has explained it really well. The key is to enjoy and have all the slurpings, sippings, and drinking you can get in your minimum time there.

Now that you know the 5 S’s of wine tasting to elevate your drinking. It’s time to find essential questions you can ask to be more knowledgeable in the world of wine and alcohol.

21 Questions to Ask at a Wine Tasting Event

Now, when it comes to a set of handful things, you can ask at a wine tasting occasion to increase your knowledge. But, honestly, there isn’t anything definite. Yes, there’s no hard and fast rule to decide what to ask and what to not. However, still, it is better to go prepared than to be there as a beginner. So, here are some questions to help you out with your visit:

Why did the host prefer to choose that specific theme for the wine tasting?

What can you pair with that particular wine type?

What wine variety do they recommend for you?

Which of the bottle is their favorite? Their hot pick?

How the served wine was prepared and processed?

Is the wine blended with various grapes?

What was the pattern and region to grow the wine grapes?

How many cases of the wine were produced?

What is the shelf time for the wine?

Is there a recommended temperature for wine serving?

What is the alcohol percentage of wines they serve?

What is the period of fermentation of the wine?

How to store the wine? Do they suggest something special?

Is there any additional flavor added to the wine?

Why do wines have different aromas and flavors?

What are the “tannins” and “legs”?

Is slurping wine a bad practice?

Is there something special I must look for while tasting?

Do you make other wines with this specific flavor?

How long do I need to wait before sipping the drink?

Is the wine aged?

What Shouldn’t You Do At Wine Tasting?

When it comes to attending a wine tasting event, questions to ask aren’t the only thing you should know. Yes, it also has its etiquettes and manners to elevate everybody’s experience. So, here’s a list of 8 things you must avoid at a wine tasting party:

Go with a close mind; instead, be free to try different wines

Don’t be greedy and demand endless pouring when you aren’t there to purchase anything

Be a late arrival; be on time you aren’t a chief guest

Try to imitate a pro sommelier and sip loudly

Don’t overexpress your wine knowledge

Don’t behave like a noob and chug on your wine

Don’t be a nuisance and disturb others

Eat foods that may make you nauseous after drinking, thus ruining your experience

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Tips For Attending a Wine Tasting Party

You know the etiquettes, you found the rules, and you noted the questions to ask. But, still, you need some tips to be fully prepared. Yes, they do exist!. So, here are the main working tips conclude from winemag you must learn to attend a wine tasting party:

Dress accordingly; know beforehand if there’s a dress code for the party

Avoid wearing perfume, body spray, or any fragrance

Prepare a list of all the producers and wines, heavy or light, before start tasting

Don’t go on an empty stomach as you may get drunk quickly

Remember to buy a wine bottle before leaving

Bottom Line:

Our guide to your joyful and fun wine tasting experience is complete here. But, of course, there’s always home for more wine buying tips and wine club tricks to make the experience enjoyable. Don’t worry. We have covered that too with our basic yet most asked questions section so, you get to behave like a real Sommelier with ease and class.

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