Exploring The Legality Of Downloading Instagram Photos And Videos

Instagram content is intriguing and entertaining. The first thing that comes to our mind when we are scrolling through content is to download media that we like to our device. While there are multiple ways to download Instagram content, one way that has grabbed all our attention are third-party apps. These apps facilitate downloads of Instagram photos and videos to our device easily using API Indexing owing to powerful AI tools. However, is it legal to download Instagram photos and videos using these means? In this article we have covered the legality of downloading Instagram photos and videos to your device.

Instagram download limitations

Instagram app poses restrictions on the download of content from the app to protect user privacy and authenticity of posts. Today people try to impersonate brands and public figures. This harms the authenticity of content and is an act of plagiarising and fraud. The Instagram terms and conditions are meant to ensure that content creators, businesses and other users get credited for their work and none of their content is being used in an unlawful way. Also it aims to protect accounts from any kind of cyber attacks.

Third-party apps to download Instagram content

Third-party apps allow users to download any Instagram photo or video to their device. These apps leverage the power of AI to retrieve data and download content. You only need to enter a content URL from the Instagram app to facilitate downloads. You can find multiple apps on play store; app store and web browsers that help you download any Instagram content easily to your device. simply copy content from Instagram by tapping on the three dots given over the image and choose “copy URL” and then paste this link on a third-party app, tap download and the image or video will be saved to your gallery. One of the highly popular app for downloading Instagram photos and videos is iGram. Now the question stands, is using these apps legal? Let’s confer it!

The legality of downloading Instagram photos and videos

While third-party apps have made it easier than ever to download Instagram content, it is of immense importance to be aware that you do not violate any rules and respect the rights of other users and creators on the app. Some third-party apps are legal to use and under certain conditions you can easily download any Instagram content. Here are points you need to look for:

  1. Your app should use API: As per Instagram’s API guidelines and policies, third-party apps that use application programming interface (API) and abide by Instagram’s guidelines are legal to use like iGram app that leverages API Indexing to download Instagram content. Other apps that scrape content from Instagram are considered illegal and should not be used.
  1. Respecting the privacy of owners: You can download content using apps and other means but as a responsible user you should make sure the media you are downloading is not being used to impersonate someone or harm any user in any way. If you are looking to repost content after downloading it make sure you are giving credits to the user and taking permission.

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