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5 useful tips when giving women sensual and tantric massages

The best erotic gift you can give your woman or a female client in your massage parlor is sensual massage. When done right, it can be the key to unlocking various degrees of arousal and orgasms never experienced before. This is part of the reason you should be sure of what you are doing before you start massaging a lady. What considerations you should make while at it to heighten the experience and give her the pleasure she so seeks? Sex can be a relief but it is not always the target, some women just want to enjoy every aspect of tantric and erotic massage London after booking their appointment. If you can take your woman through the steps discussed below during your massage, you might just tap right in to the center of her arousal and give her epitome satisfaction.

Set the scene right

Unlike women, ambience and context are not top priority for most men rather the touch and activities involved during the session. For women, you must try to make the environment suit the mood and that is never so easy to achieve if you do not have that artistic touch to things. Nevertheless, you will get a few tips here on how to set the mood and ambience right before commencing your kinky sensual massage for your lady today.

Begin by working on the hygiene of the room before anything else for instance proper cleaning of both the room and the laundry used during the process. Limit yourself to candle lighting and allow for some quality incense to render the air. Soft blankets also help add a touch of appeal to the event while the last ingredient to a perfect massage is quality soft music depending on her taste.

Ready the oil to use

Women tend to have more sensitive skins when compared to their male counterparts. This also goes ahead to dictate the kind of massage oil to use for the process as any harsh options might just destroy the quality of experience recorded. Your oil option must not just be clean but also a natural option that will not have any side effects when used both outside and inside here. Most professional masseuse consider coconut oil for their massage sessions and so should you unless your woman has her personal favorite. Heat the oil for a few to change its temperature and feel on the skin. The choice of oil made can be the difference between a sensual massage therapy and other regular massage options offered by substandard parlors today,

Mix smooth and light touches

It takes practice and skill for one to develop the right kind and intensity of touch when massaging a woman. The term sensual massage refers to the intricate touching of the skin to stimulate arousal and also tease the person you are massaging. Smooth and light touches are part of the arsenal for most massage parlors when they want to unlock different levels of arousal never experienced before. Her attention should only be where the hands touch and that calls for using the right pressure or intensity. Long but full palm sensual massage is the ideal way to kick off the process before using the swirl technique to guide her on edge nerves. Remember not to focus more on deep tissue massage but instead try to find the right movements and patterns that will not just relax her but also keep her aroused and eager for more.

Initiate conversations

The attention of most women on the planet is captured by words and not the surrounding while for most men, it is what they see that counts. That explains why you need to woo a woman with sweet words and attract a man with elegant and seductive look. Nonetheless, you must respect this ideology when giving a woman sensual massage as it can help you tap into her mind. Strike general conversations to get them talking and hear them out on where they want to be massaged and so on. It is also very possible for one to sleep during a massage and you will definitely not want that so the only way to avoid is keep her talking. Your conversations should also not be limited to the massage alone but other intricate topics she might care about to have her connect with you during the whole time you are massaging them.

Escalate to build tension

If you have not noticed, there is no mentioning of touching her inner thighs or giving her Yoni massage in all the above steps. This is because with women, it is never right to rush and instead taking your time will give you better results. The trick is to keep her longing for more and that will be hard if you have played your entire best card within the first 30 minutes of the session. A light touch on the back and rubs on the nipple can send electric feelings down her spine but that is not just it yet. It is in fact the best approach to take sex off the table and focus entirely on the satisfaction of your woman by for instance focusing on their G-spot. The best routine for professional masseuses is drag time by teasing and taking your time through the various levels of massage you have planned for them.

How to choose sensual massage parlors

It is not all massage parlors that are fitted to give you the best services you need as a woman. For most ladies, sensual and tantric massages are all about arousal, deep tissue massaging and relieving the tension of the body meaning you need experienced hands. Before making your choice on whom to hire, the following are some of the useful factors to consider.

  • Choose someone with the right kind of training or education and certification to prove the same.
  • Find someone with a lot of experience and sensual continence which you will figure out from the number of years they have been in operation.
  • Seek recommendations from people you can trust to make your shortlist.

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