Ensure Booth Success by Designing the Best Modular Trade Show Booth

Participating in a trade show will make your company stay put against several other top-notch companies, who will try to snatch the attention of the visitors with the help of their trade exhibits. Amidst this competitive platform, how will you differentiate yourself from others? Well, you will have to comprehend and analyze your options of the various modular trade show booth that you can explore. The best booth will have the capacity of ensuring booth success. 

If you’re a company representative wondering about the best practices that lead to an effective design, you’re at the right place. Here are a few design tips for the best trade show booth design. 

Tip #1: The top to bottom of your booth should portray your brand

In an event as huge as DSE, you don’t have to think twice to recognize Google. Google had one of the largest booths in DSE and what made them stand out was their branding, which was constant throughout the total booth. All kiosks and walls demonstrated content that was engaging and bright. The chairs scattered all over also matched their Google logo. So, when planning a trade show booth design, ensure that the theme of the brand is consistent in all materials. 

Tip #2: Share with the audience what you do

Unless you’re some big shot company like Apple or Google, you shouldn’t assume that people know what you do or who you are. This is never the case with smaller companies. You have to be frank with your audience about what exactly you do and what services and products you offer. If you don’t wish to repeat the same things, you can print it on a banner behind. 

Tip #3: Be unique

While bright-colored booths stand out in the crowd, there are other methods of making a unique booth too. Intel had multiple demos where they advised people to interact with people and engage them to check out the IoT displays. So, instead of undermining the power of bright and bold design, you should rather try them out to keep your attendees engaged. 

Tip #4: Add the name of your brand to it

Participating in a trade show means you want to be remembered by people. This can be ensured by putting your name on to the product, your freebies, your product, or anything else the audience can hold or see. If you check out Planar or Samsung, you’ll find their names to be plastered in all of their display things. These companies ensure you know what you’re looking at and who you are. Don’t let people search for the name of your company as they might not even bother to ask you. 

In case you have a large booth, don’t fill up every corner of the booth with just about anything. Sleek and uncluttered booths always give a more professional and attractive look than cluttered ones. Learn the principle of designing negative space to your benefit. 

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