Effective Ways to Manage Your Anger

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who never gets angry. In fact, anger is a perfectly natural reaction to a wide variety of stressors and stimuli. Of course, this isn’t to say that uncontrolled anger is necessarily a good thing. For example, if you find yourself getting angry on a frequent basis and/or having trouble keeping your anger under control, there’s no time like the present to get a handle on the problem. Anyone looking for effective ways to keep their anger in check would do well to consider the following measures.

Get Mental Health Assistance

Professional mental health assistance can be a boon to anyone dealing with anger issues. In addition to providing you with an assortment of constructive coping mechanisms and cool-down techniques, a skilled therapist or counselor can help you identify the root cause(s) of your anger and work through a variety of deep-seated issues. If the cost of mental health assistance is an issue, look for people who charge on a sliding scale or community clinics that provide counseling free of charge.

Exercise on a Consistent Basis

There are numerous health benefits associated with regular exercise. In addition to helping people maintain healthy weights and build stamina, physical fitness can relieve you of stress and negative emotions, both of which can be conducive to anger. Since exercise is synonymous with the release of endorphins, consistently working out can facilitate feelings and happiness and inner calm.

If you’ve never committed to a fitness regimen, regular workouts may strike you as a daunting prospect. However, it’s important to realize that exercise doesn’t have to entail working out to the point of utter exhaustion. Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day should be enough to provide you with the movement your body needs. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with engaging in more intense workouts, a simple after-dinner walk can do wonders for your general outlook.

Express Your Feelings

Unexpressed feelings can result in pent-up aggression – which, in turn, can result in angry outbursts. This is why it’s important for people to vocalize what they’re feeling, albeit in the proper manner. So, if someone in your life is behaving in a way that makes you irritated, angry or uncomfortable, tell them how you’re feeling when your mindset is calm and collected. This will ensure that the offending party is made aware of how their actions have impacted you while effectively minimizing the likelihood of a massive fight. While no one relishes being told that they’ve done something wrong, approaching the matter calmly is more likely to produce good results than exploding at them in anger.

Develop a Cooldown Routine

Wanting to express your anger in the moment is perfectly understandable. When you’re overcome with anger, exploding is liable to seem like the only viable form of relief. However, this approach to getting anger out of your system stands to alienate others and get you labeled a hothead.

This is where an effective cooldown routine can serve you well. Engaging in calming activities whenever you feel yourself being overtaken by anger can help cool you off and avert any potential blowouts. So, the next time you feel intense anger welling up, stop it in its tracks by taking part in activities that have traditionally calmed you down. Deep breathing exercises, journaling and simple counting are just a few examples of effective cooldown measures.

If you like in a part of the country with legalized recreational marijuana, you may also want to consider sampling certain strains of weed and CBD products. To learn more about strains that are conducive to anger reduction and/or stress relief, speak to an expert at your preferred dispensary. For example, the Death Star strain is associated with calmness, relaxation and uplifted mood. However, since it has a high THC content, newer cannabis enthusiasts should consult with an expert before proceeding to use it.

It isn’t hard to see why so many of us are affected by anger issues. Between work, personal relationships and a wide assortment of other everyday stressors, keeping one’s temper in check is often easier said than done. However, in addition to placing a tremendous strain on various relationships, allowing your anger to go unchecked can compound stress and contribute to physical health issues. So, in the interest of staying in control of your anger, utilize the tips discussed above.

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