Custom Designed Socks

Best designs are the custom designs because they are close to your heart’

If you are thinking to charm your business with your custom designed products and you are looking for a company that manufactures your designed products then you are at right place.

Where to buy custom designed socks?

YINUO KNITTING is more than just a sock maker and business. We’re a community of talented people who use our simple website to help you design the perfect customized socks for your group. We have everything you’ll need to move your hobby to the next level. We’re here to assist with everything from a pair of socks to thousands, students to small companies, fundraisers, and everything in between!

How it works?

We manage the whole process of buying high-quality wool, manufacturing arrangement, product quality control, and distribution since our inception in 2004. We will monitor the step and ensure that every pair of socks is just as you want since we are a custom socks factory. We do prioritise our clients!

What do we offer?

We offer a range of custom designed socks. The best-selling ones are as follows

What are custom socks?

The common knit socks that we wear are custom dress socks. They are appropriate and trendy for people to wear clothing for all seasons, which is an important accessory in life.

Why to buy custom socks?

People have more energy to follow fashion as their living conditions rise. Socks are an essential component of apparel. Customizing your own socks is the perfect way to stand out of line for socks.

Yinuo custom sock shop helps you to create trendy socks that are special to you. Custom socks necessitate your daring games, which will assist you in getting rid of the


We are a specialist custom dress socks designer with 9+ years of tailored experience and over 100,000 custom designs for overseas markets. We will have a skilled customer manager represent you with each custom dress sock inquiry and create the specific custom sock solution based on your precise specifications.

How to order custom socks?

  • The process is really simple.
  • Email us your design.
  • We will send you a quote within 24 hours.
  • Then you have to finalize your design and email us your requirements.
  • You will make payment according to mock up approval.
  • After that the production of your socks will be started.
  • We will deliver your custom designed socks within 2-5 days.

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