CBSE Class 10 Science MCQs on Light Reflection And Refraction

CBSE Class 10 is an important grade for all students since it is a board exam. Students need to be careful in their studies to good score marks. Based on these marks, they will be able to get admission to good schools or colleges for further studies. Science is a subject where we become knowledgeable about our appearance in the universe. Class 10 Science MCQs cover some important concepts, such as the behaviour of natural substances, natural phenomena, natural resources, etc. Among these topics, light reflection and refraction are a crucial concepts where we learn about the nature of light and its importance.

The MCQs (multiple choice questions) provided here are as per the latest syllabus for the academic session 2022-2023 of CBSE grade 10. Go through this article completely to understand the chapter with the help of the questions provided here.

Light Reflection and Refraction – Introduction

We know that light travel in a straight line. When this light falls on a highly polished plane surface, such as a mirror, it gets reflected. After reflection, the angle formed by the light is called the angle of incidence and the angle formed by a reflected ray of light is called the angle of reflection. Both angles are equal in measure. Also, all the angles and normal to the mirror surface lie in the same plane.

But refraction is a different phenomenon, where the speed of light changes when the light enters from one medium to another medium. Here the incident ray, normal to the interface of mediums and refracted ray, lies on the same plane. Also, if we find the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of the angle of refraction, it will always be equal to a constant value.

In this chapter, we will go through various other concepts related to light reflection and refraction, such as images formed through spherical mirrors and lenses when light falls on them, sign conventions for spherical mirrors and lenses, mirror formula and magnification, refraction through a rectangular glass slab, refractive index, power of a lens, lens formula, etc.

MCQs on Light Reflection and Refraction

Once we have been through the chapter on light reflection and refraction, it is necessary to test our understanding skills. To make it easier for students, we have provided Light reflection and refraction Class 10 MCQ so that they can practise these questions and test their knowledge for the chapter. It will help them to have a quick revision of the chapter and score good marks in their examination.

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