Buying a Wildcard SSL Certificate – Know These Things First!

Wildcard SSL certificates may simultaneously secure www and non-www domains since they include organization validation and domain validation.

Because of its dependability and adaptability, businesses choose it. With just one wildcard SSL certificate securing them all, you can have an infinite number of subdomains.

Who should purchase wildcard certificates, though? This topic is being discussed a lot since the internet depicts it as the most practical choice.

Things to Look For When Buying Wildcard SSL Certificate

Following are the things to consider while purchasing:

Reliable SSL Providers

Wildcard certificates are regarded as secure, but that does not imply they are impervious to breaches and hackers.

When you have a single wildcard SSL handling all of your subdomain security, hackers only need to access one subdomain or primary domain before they can steal from all of your other domains.

It is, therefore, always advised that you select reliable yet affordable wildcard SSL suppliers. Avoid making purchases from arbitrary websites that make untrue claims.

Customer Service

Since a wildcard SSL is in charge of maintaining the security of all your subdomains, even a little problem (if left unattended) could have disastrous effects on your company.

Customer service is quite important in this situation since it will guarantee that all of your inquiries are handled by qualified specialists.

Although all affordable wildcard SSL providers offer customer help through email, phone, or chatbot, you must be certain which option to pick when a problem arises.

To find out how things will work out when an issue occurs, call them in advance.


A wildcard SSL is implemented on some devices, such as Windows phones, which prevents them from opening and supporting websites with it.

Many certificates out there cause problems for Windows Phone users, even though some certificate providers offer alternate certificate names to resolve compatibility.

Checking in advance to see if the certificate is compatible is the best method to handle that. It will be negative to your brand’s overall perception if potential customers cannot access your website from their devices.


Your wildcard certificate’s authenticity is assessed by the Certificate Authority, or CA.

However, you must first determine whether the CA issuing the certificate to you is legitimate in and of itself. Verify the credibility of the CA. You can put your trust in them because they must be a legitimate issuing authority if numerous people have already used it and are currently using it.

But if your CA is not widely accepted, you can have security issues.

What Are the Benefits of Buying A Wildcard SSL Certificate?

There are several benefits of buying a wildcard certificate, one of which is:

You require a different SSL certificate if your business is a huge one with numerous subdomains like or However, you can avoid spending extra money on subdomains if you have a wildcard SSL at your disposal.

One source will provide protection for all of your subdomains. Do not be concerned about security effectiveness because the security of the Wildcard certificate is the same for both primary domain protection and subdomain protection. Every subdomain will be protected just as well as a main domain.

Now after reading these points next question that will be arising in mind must be:

Can I Buy A Wildcard SSL Certificate?

However, even users of a single website can get wildcard certificates if they intend to introduce subdomains in the future.

Medium and large businesses that use subdomains should consider wildcard certificates as a viable choice. Due to the comprehensive protection of your subdomains, Wildcard SSL won’t break the bank if you run a medium-sized or large business.

To put it another way, established companies can get the most out of Wildcard certificates.

Cutting Ends Shorter!

If you run a large or medium-sized business, a wildcard SSL is your best option, but it does not mean that these certificates are secure.

The easiest approach to deal with that is to make sure you select a reliable service provider who can handle your security concerns.

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