Blue Magnolia Rust and Others: New Magic Mushroom Strains

There are plenty of naturally-occurring magic mushrooms worldwide. However, mycologists or mushroom growers are not satisfied with them. Instead, they crave more.

Now, we have other Psilocybe mushrooms cultured or lab-grown with altered potencies and cross-bred species. Today, we learn about these different, new, and rare variants.

Broadening your knowledge regarding mushrooms gives you a chance to try new strains. Instead of sticking to the old mushrooms, you know, you can try something much more potent than the standard versions.

Although old strains like Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, or Penis Envy are tried-and-tested, there’s nothing more exciting than experiencing a new trip. So instead of fearing them, why not embrace the future of mushrooms.

Try stepping out of your comfort zone by experiencing new and rare strains like Blue Magnolia Rust and other mushrooms.

New/ Rare Strain of Magic Mushrooms

Even though they are rare and listed as new, these hybrid mushrooms contain the same active ingredient as Psilocybe shrooms. In addition, they contain psilocybin and psilocin, that can produce a hallucinogenic effect.

Depending on your potency and dosage, you can get different intensities from these mushrooms. In addition, some are mild and can be perfect for beginners, but some are for experts.

Also, due to the rarity of these mushrooms, some lack as detailed information as others. But we have done some thorough research on some of them for you to understand how potent they are.

Jack Frost Shrooms

They are relatively new mushrooms, so you don’t have to worry about their price. Jack Frost is a cross between the True Albino Teacher and Albino Penis Envy.

The founder of Jack Frost remains to be unknown. They only go with the name Wombat, which people believe they were one of the people who isolated True Albino Teachers.


The new version of this mushroom looks like it had snow covering every part of the cap. It appears flat and twisted upwards. But when dry, it looks pure white.

Like other mushrooms, Jack Frost has blue bruises from harvest, handling, transport, and storage. It signifies the presence of psilocybin.


Most albino mushrooms are potent, making this strain similar to others. It produces intense hallucination, pure euphoria, and vivid visuals.

As they are powerful, these mushrooms are not for beginners. If you want to try them, you start low and slow.

Starting at 0.25grams can give you a little effect of the mushroom, but if not, you can use 1 to 2.5 grams. The latter doses are often recreational and can cause mild to moderate effects.

Blue Magnolia Rust

Blue Magnolia shrooms are a new and rare strain of the family Psilocybe cubensis. They aren’t available much in dispensaries. Only a few offer them, like Zoomies Canada.

The mushroom was formed by isolating the spores from a Mississippi strain. Doc and Mycotek discovered it in 2011.

Based on research, Blue Magnolia Rust Mushrooms were initially present near a horse ranch. It grows in wood chips and manure.

These mushrooms have lacey bluish caps with some rusty spots. Meanwhile, the stem appears thick. It has similar potency as Penis Envy.

Since they are intensely potent, Blue Magnolia dried mushrooms are unsuitable for beginners. In addition, expert users should be careful when dosing with this shroom. They can produce a warm and undoubting experience that intensifies into a spiritual trip.

Jedi Mind Fuck

Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms are not extremely rare, but they are new. They were discovered in the 2000s.

They have been known for quite some time and are available in some dispensaries. However, it is not as popular as other shrooms.

They are isolated from a strain of mushrooms from the state of Georgia, from a magic mushroom hunter named Mycojoe. The name might be from his experience when he tried the mushroom.


The mushrooms are large and can even weigh up to 30 grams. They have a white stem and brown caps with blue spots caused by bruising.

When the mushroom is dried, it has similar brown caps and white stems. However, they appear lighter in colour.


Jedi Mind Fuck is potent, but beginners try this shroom in small doses. It produces fractals, warping, strong visuals, and deep introspection.

However, when taken in higher doses, it gives a transformative experience which is a good choice for shamanic trips. Users said they feel a deeper connection with nature and reflect on their consciousness.

Yeti Magic Mushrooms

Yeti, a new strain, has an exciting story of discovery. Jik Fibs, the person behind this strain, accidentally grew a True Albino Teacher when he cultivated multi spores of mushrooms, which he thought was an isolated Golden Teacher.

He refined the spores of TAT and got the strain of Yeti mushrooms. Its potency and looks are something that interests psychonauts.


They appear thick, wide, and tall. The caps have waves and fold at the end and are entirely white. When dried, Yeti appears large and has blue discoloration like other psilocybe mushrooms.


Some describe the experience as a clear, sharp, and unclouded trip. However, when the dose is higher, it imparts intense visual and auditory hallucinations.

When dosing, consider mixing the caps and the stem evenly to get the pure effect of Yeti. Take lower doses to begin your journey and slowly increase to get a profound, shamanic experience.

True Albino Teacher

True Albino Teacher or TAT is a mushroom with no clear origin or information. It is either isolated by Jik Fibs or Wombat. Whoever was first to discover it remains a mystery.

TAT is a rare and unique mushroom. They appear ghostly white on both the cap and stem. It is a potent strain, so you must be careful when ingesting higher amounts.

It can start at 10 to 30 minutes and only last for 4 to 5 hours. That means the quick come-up will lead to intense effects, which can be scary for beginners.

However, the dose affects the effects of the mushroom. With a moderate amount, you can experience mild hallucinations. Meanwhile, higher doses can lead to intensified visuals and interconnectedness.

Where to Buy New or Rare Strains of Mushroom?

Finding new and rare strains is limited. Moreover, since magic mushrooms are illegal, not every dispensary can openly advertise these mushrooms. But with careful research, some online shops offer them.

Zoomies Canada is an online shop that offers magic mushrooms of different strains and products. For example, they have a version of the Blue Magnolia Rush mushroom.


The great thing about magic mushrooms is that shroom growers or enthusiasts can quickly cultivate and create new strains. Therefore, it gives us fresh shrooms to try with unique potencies. You can experiment with them to discover which brings the best psychedelic trip.

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