If you are into manufacturing or you are about to venture into it, this is the right page for you to learn all you need to know about manufacturing and construction. In this article, we will be looking at:

  1. Concrete pump.
  2. Concrete pump with mixer.
  3. Flocon asphalt trucks for sale.
  4. Mobile concrete batching plant.

These machines are available for road construction, mines and buildings. They have different sub-types however, only the general procedure and how to maintain them will be discussed. We hope this helps your knowledge of construction machines. You can also visit if you need more information about construction machines.

1. Concrete Pump:

A concrete pump is a common machine in this industry. It is used to mix and convey liquid concrete. It serves as a mechanical aid at the construction site.


  • Prime the pump and add the recommended amount of water.
  • Put in the cement/ concrete for mixing.
  • Then pump the mixed concrete to the direction it is needed in.


  • You can maintain a concrete pump by:
  • Following the manual order and instructions.
  • Check it regularly and lubricate.
  • Clean after each use.
  • Avoid material condensation and replace every worn-out part.

2.Concrete Pump with Mixer:

A concrete mixer is similar to a concrete pump though it has a mixer attached to it. However, it focuses on mixing the concrete giving the time and amount of water and concrete poured in before pumping it.

Above is a picture of a concrete mixer (planetary concrete mixer). More samples can be seen here as well as the two other types of concrete mixer.


  • Fix the mixer to the consistency you want.
  • Pour in the water and cement appropriately.
  • Watch the concrete mix closely and add more water if it is too thick.
  • Pump to the desired plot.


  • Always wash the mixer after use to prevent the cement from drying up which may, in the long run, affect the machine negatively.
  • Be sure to lubricate and check the blades frequently.

3. Mixer Truck:

Also known as a “cement truck”, it is equipment that combines water, cement, gravel or sand to form concrete and has a truck attached to it. It falls into three categories.


  • Check the state of all systems and power outputs before use.
  • After putting in the raw materials, allow the mixer to rotate at a low speed before increasing it.
  • Reverse the mixing drum and drain water to ensure the concrete comes out good.
  • Monitor speed and when transporting, be careful not to swing it too hard.


  • The truck should be correctly attached to the mixer.
  • While transporting, the operator should be careful not to jerk off the mixer, thereby causing damage to the mixer.
  • Keep the engine clean and in good condition.
  • Practice the general safety rules.

4. Mobile concrete batching plant:

This mobile plant has a high capacity which enables accurate measuring of the raw materials to be mixed and weighed. It is quite different from the stationary batching plant.


  • Put materials in the right proportion.
  • Look out for the aggregate feeders and examine the bin.
  • Tighten the v-belt, then start.


  • Ensure the individual materials are in the right weights and grades.
  • Keep all the parts in good condition.
  • Always tighten the v-belt.

Now, having gone through the major machines used in construction, you might be curious and want to learn more about these machines or you probably want to purchase one for your construction site. You can easily get acquainted and purchase one by visiting this site  All machines are listed with details. Good luck!

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