5 Unusual Means To Move Around The City 

For Students

We always encounter a topic named transport while studying. Nothing new is written about transportation means in textbooks. We have cars, trains, and planes. Additionally, motorcycles and bicycles complete the list, although that might change in a few decades. 

Students today have pretty unusual ways to move around, and we will highlight some of them. If you are eager to try the means appealing to you right after reading this article, you can delegate your academic tasks to an expert essay writer and feel free to enjoy more interesting activities. Without any further ado, let’s get started.


The very first skateboards were wooden boxes with roller skate wheels at the bottom. And this was back in the 1940s and 1950s. Today, they are adorned with distinctive, customized markings and graphics.

Skateboards are quite popular in the west, where they are part of a competitive sport. Pro skateboarders are a new hit, and students find it fascinating. These little boards can move from point A to B, and the great thing is that they do not need parking.

Skateboards offer students advantages such as hand-eye-leg coordination, precision, patience, and improved reflexes. You have to be fast and flexible and be able to think on a whim. One moment you are up; the next, you are down. So much so, you should be very careful using one. You also have to be geared up not to get hurt.

Roller Skates

Roller skates are shoes with wheels that students can use to get their way around school or home. One snag that is imminent while using roller skates for transportation is that the pavements MUST be smooth.

Like a skateboard, they promote coordination, balance, and reflexes, to mention a few. A student that roller skates is physically fit with strong limbs as they exercise these muscles every ride. Roller skates are faster than skateboards. And they are efficient, too, since you use the same energy to steer the roller skates forward. With skateboards, you have to keep adding momentum by pushing forward with the help of one foot.

This means of transport also does not require parking. But you might have to carry an extra pair of shoes if you are heading for class later. Protective gear like a helmet, knee guards, and elbow guards are highly recommended.


Students may use scooters as an unusual mode of transportation around campus. Scooters have evolved over the years. Skateboards with handles were among the very first versions. The handle was linked to the board attached to the wheels and used as a steering part. 

The rider thrusts forward with the help of one foot and uses the handle to change direction. The handle acts as the steering wheel. Other types of scooters have a battery or electrical system that moves the device. What one does is turn it on and steer it to where they want it to go. Some have the one-speed capacity, while others can go faster.

Scooters might need parking, and luckily some campuses provide their students that space. At the same time, some have foldable parts that collapse into a portable unit. Wearing protective gear is also advised when using scooters, mechanical or automatic.


As we move towards a smart world, hoverboards are the epitome of revolution in the locomotion industry. Students embrace this trend, just like they favor using EssayPro after reading essaypro reviews, and this is not surprising. 

Hoverboards are electrical devices that aesthetically resemble skateboards but are ridden differently. Hoverboards change direction, add speed, or stop according to the rider’s center of gravity. If the person leans forward, the hoverboard moves the same way, and vice versa.

This means of transportation is pretty fast as the speed varies. But one is still advised to uphold the same safety precautions of having gear on while using it.

Hoverboards do not need parking. After usage, you can carry them by hand. But you might not even have to do it if the way you are going is paved and smooth.


Also known as a tuk-tuk, the auto-rickshaw is a three-legged motorcar with an automobile engine. As a matter of fact, it is a wheel away from being called a car.

Auto-rickshaws are actually a certified mode of transport in some countries. For instance, they are quite popular in India.

The great thing is that once in, you have a shield from wind and other weather elements since they have a covering. This means that you can even get your assignment done with the help of a professional essay writing service while in transit. This option is safer than those named above, and it does not need a perfectly smooth road.

An auto-rickshaw requires parking, although the space they take is little. Moreover, you do not have to gear up to use one. You hop into it, close the door, and get driven to your destination.


Many students cannot afford to own a car to move around, but that does not mean they do not have alternatives! Each mode mentioned above is quite popular among students wanting to move from one spot to another.

The advantage of most of these transit modes is their eco-friendliness. These examples are skateboards, roller skates, and scooters. They do not require fuel or a lot of maintenance. An auto-rickshaw needs a bit more care, but not as much as a typical car would. Each alternative is quite unusual, but they work.

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