5 Tips To Prevent Hand And Wrist Sports Injuries

Whether you play football, basketball, tennis, baseball, or any other sport,  Injuries can happen at any time and can vary from a minor dislocation to sprains and fractures. Sports injuries are the common causes of Jersey City hand and wrist pain which can significantly affect your quality of life.

When playing sports, we frequently place our hands, fingers, hands, elbows, and wrists in risky positions that might result in injury. You can take specific preventive measures to lower your risk, even though there is no way to ensure you won’t get hurt while playing.

Here are tips to prevent hand and wrist sports injuries;

1. Use proper equipment

Wearing the appropriate safety equipment, such as elbow guards, wrist guards, gloves, padding, compression clothing, and even sports tape, dramatically lowers the risk of injury. You have to wear protective equipment whether you are in the midst of a game, training, or just having a good time with your friends in the front yard, as they are made to protect a range of body areas and lessen the consequences of direct contact or repeated actions.

2. Increase strength and flexibility

Strength exercise enhances bone density, flexibility, body composition, muscle strength, and stamina. It also works wonderfully for tendons and even ligaments in areas like hands, fingers, elbows, and wrists, helping to retain the body in the proper alignment to withstand the sports strain. Therefore, appropriate training lowers the possibility of musculoskeletal ailments and even the degree of an injury, should it occur.

3. Use the appropriate method

It is crucial to utilize good technique to prevent sports injuries, particularly those to the hands, fingers, elbows, and wrists. Practicing and performing your sport’s motions correctly all of the time, not just once or occasionally. This might range from using correct posture when weightlifting to being careful to have the appropriate pitching movement as a pitcher. Taking care of your body and using a suitable technique lowers your chance of injury and positions you for a longer career in athletics.

4. Avoid overuse, and rest

An overuse injury is a sports injury brought on by stress and repetitive use. A pitcher who pushes himself through extensive practice sessions and multiple weekly games is a good example. Exercises like swimming, weightlifting, golf, etc., are also prone to overuse injuries. Even while we might not be able to spot the symptoms of overuse right away, you shouldn’t dismiss them and “press through” when you do. Get enough rest in between physical activities so that your body can heal, pay attention to your body, and restrict actions that are inflicting you with discomfort.

5. Include workouts for your hands and wrists

To build on the preceding advice, performing routine activities like wrist flexion, elbow flexion, fist-making, and hand extensions will strengthen weak regions and reduce your risk of a sports injury. The same is true for regular total-body stretching, which is recommended before engaging in any physical activity. Stretching both static and dynamic exercises help joints move more freely, enhances blood flow, and lowers the chance of ligament or muscle injuries.

Sports injuries to the wrist and hand are becoming increasingly prevalent. Orthopedic and sports medicine may help to treat your injury to assist you in returning to the field. Call Garden State Pain & Orthopedics to book your hand and wrist pain treatment appointment.

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