5 Things You Need to Know About Floor Scrubbing Machine

There are several ways of cleaning your floor buffers to your satisfaction. It can be by use of a mop and bucket or by use of auto cleaning machines. A scrubber is an example of an auto cleaning machine. It is the simplest to use and saves time. This article focuses on the fact you should know about the floor scrubbing machines.

The scrubber is a floor cleaning auto machine. It can be used to remove dust, floor marks, grease, and rubbish that has accumulated on your floor over time. They differ from other cleaning machines as they will scrub, wash, and dry the floor in a single pass. It produces satisfactory results.    

Floor scrubbing machines come in different variations from different manufacturers. There are no limitations when it comes to choosing your preferred equipment. However, there are facts to known before you make a purchase. They include;

Source of power

The most common power source is a battery though some are corded. The corded scrubbers are cheap to buy and use. They come in smaller units and less expensive compared to a battery-powered machine. They are convenient for use for several hours as it has no battery to run out of charge.

The battery-powered is much more convenient to move around with compared to the corded scrubber. The corded scrubber limits movement to the length of the cable. However, the battery-operated scrubber has a limitation also, the battery has to be recharged. This hinders long hours of use but it covers much more square footage.

Machine size

The size of the machine matters. You need to have a machine that can reach the edges of and corners of your house. Too big scrubbers will force you to use a mop to clean the corners. Too small machines will reduce the run time of cleaning due to the small power source. You can therefore check the output of the scrubber on the manual before selection. 

You should bear in mind that the size of the onboard tank is a key determinant. Its size determines how much dirt you can pick and how much cleaning solution you can carry. This will then determine how much area you can cover.  

The speed of cleaning

Scrubbers are the simplest and fastest way of cleaning floors. They are way faster than using a mop and bucket and saves on labor. The scrubbers’ speed of cleaning varies with the size. The larger auto scrubber can clean up to 50,000 sq ft in an hour while a medium-sized scrubber will take the same time to clean 20,000 sq ft.

Your choice should depend on your own interest. The output of the scrubber should be able to meet your demands. A user’s manual is provided where you can check the speed efficiency of the machine.

The cost of the machine

The cost of a scrubber varies with size and brand. The size and features of an auto scrubber influence the costs of the machine. Though the brand provides a sense of reliability, better support, and service, it will cost you more. You can make price comparisons of different online stores. Click here to know about https://www.olightstore.com/flashlights.html

Brush formats

There are two types of brushes; cylindrical brush and disc type brush. The cylindrical runs perpendicular to the floor and the disc type run flat on the floor. The disc type machine is flexible as you can change the floor pad to suit the floor. It is efficient if you have a smooth floor. 

The cylindrical type has two roller brushes and it is extremely efficient at cleaning stains on floors. It also has high contact pressure with the floor which makes it ideal for floors with heavy soiling.

The floor scrubbing machine is efficient in cleaning floors and it saves time. However, you should make careful considerations before possessing one. For more information, click here

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