5 Advantages of Spinal Cord Stimulation You Might Not Know

Spinal cord stimulation has been found to help many patients enduring chronic pain, especially back and leg pain. The treatment delivers some mild tingling sensation that replaces the pain response. The Livingston spinal cord stimulation specialists recommend the treatment to patients who have exhausted all other treatments without success and are not yet up for surgery. The treatment can deliver enough pain relief to keep you going with your activities and postpone surgery. The technique employs a low-voltage electric current that blocks or modifies pain signals. It comes with multiple benefits, and here are those you might not know.

No Significant Permanent Body Alterations

One of the greatest advantages of choosing spinal cord stimulation is that it’s reversible. Undergoing surgery is a major choice, and there is no coming back once you are treated. The surgical interventions involve making serious body alterations. Fortunately, spinal cord stimulation can be terminated at any time. The wires and implants can be removed without serious harm to your body. Also, you can control the amount of impulses you get using the handheld controller. Therefore, you can make daily adjustments and get the stimulation needed at different levels.

You Can Test It

It can be tough realizing you did not need a surgical intervention after it had already happened. The effects can be irreversible, as mentioned above. Fortunately, the spinal cord stimulation treatment involves a trial period where your doctor tests how effective the treatment will be in delivering pain relief before implanting the ingredients. Your doctor will only proceed with the treatment after you report significant pain relief. Fortunately, most people who undertake the trial find relief.

Few Side Effects are Involved

The low risk of side effects makes spinal cord stimulation more attractive. There is no dealing with adverse effects after the treatment as with other treatments like surgery. You only have to tolerate mild discomfort during the implantation of the devices. However, healing takes a short period, unlike major surgery. Also, you will only need several days of recovery than the weeks or months for surgery. Many people find spinal cord stimulation better, for there are no turf issues.

Cost Effectiveness

There is no doubt that chronic pain has never been easier. Research shows that billions are spent on chronic pain management every year. However, spinal cord stimulation costs are relatively lower than other treatments. Different providers can offer treatment at different fees depending on several factors. Therefore, it is critical to consult your provider and understand the cost. All in all, it becomes a good investment when you achieve pain relief.

An Effective Option

Several factors count for a treatment to be declared effective. Fortunately, spinal cord stimulation has passed, having been found to provide pain relief in over half of the patients. Also, in this dynamic world, technological advancements are making it more effective in relieving chronic pain. For example, new long-life batteries are being invented as a new way of designing the electrodes is being explored. Therefore, spinal cord stimulation is effective and will be more in the future.

There is no need to wait longer if you are enduring chronic pain. Contact the SamWell Institute for Pian Management for help. Book a consultation appointment today via a call or online to learn more about the treatment.

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